5 Veggies and some Wheatberries

Colorful lunches are one of the best mood-lifters when working in an office with no window. When I’m sitting in a room with white walls, filing cabinets, and a computer screen for 4 hours before breaking for lunch, I need something colorful!

Today’s meal was a rainbow of food.


I made another wheatberry salad this weekend, so I brought some of that with the rest of the snap peas from yesterday.


Plus, I have celery, a tomato, and some hummus to either have with lunch or as an afternoon snack.


Sometimes, those wheatberry salads fill me up fast! But I almost always need a snack before heading home.

I didn’t hit every color, but I have a few covered!

Orange, white, green, red. Plus I had yellow this morning, and will be having more veggies with dinner.


What colors are YOU eating today?



  1. i love the rainbow!
    so far, i’m still nursing my coffee (but it’s still morning here) so the only color i’ve had is… brown :-(

  2. Hm, I ate yellow, pink,red(fruit), green(salad), and I can’t wait to get more pink in a form of salmon :))

  3. I’m eating a lot of red and browns. Hmmm…

    I need some veggies.

  4. Sister- you are seriously kicking butt on this vegan challenge! WOOOT WOOOT!

  5. My breakfast was quite brown today, but a green monster is in my very near future!

  6. That lunch looks delicious..so far I’ve only had red, white, and blue but know there will be green, orange, purple, and more red soon!

  7. I love your rainbow lunch! I just had some bright green avocado =D

  8. Such a colorful lunch! Mine was brown. I just ate some dark chocolate as a snack :)

  9. I love giving myself fruit and veggie “color” challenges. It’s fun to try to squeeze all the rainbow colors in. I should do that more often! Although what else is purple besides eggplant?

  10. Colorful meals are the best! So far today I’ve had yellow, red, brown, white, green, and purple! :D

  11. Hmm..for lunch I had green, orange, and white (zucchini, carrots, cauliflowers). I guess I also have yellow for the egg in my egg wrap! :-D

  12. I’m so out of loop..i’ve never had wheatberries!! This salad looks so good! what a great summer lunch idea!!!

  13. oOooOo pretty colors!!!

    i love colored food posts!!

    mine was VERY colorful too :)


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