Tuesday Triumphs

Do you ever have those days where, as a whole, it’s just an okay day? But when you put together all the little things that were good, it seems much better?

Today was one of those days :) And I’m focusing on all the small things that made me happy today.

– That Kashi meal was really tasty! I loved the smoky sweet ancho sauce with the plaintains, sweet potatoes, polenta and beans, but what REALLY made that dish was the pumpkin seeds! Loved that little bit of crunch.

– Nick and I ran a fun errand at lunch. And I just love getting to have lunch with him every day at work.

– I finished my book!


Just as good as all the others – I’m always sad when I finish one of these books because I just want them to never end! Good thing there’s a new one in the works…

– It hasn’t stormed yet today!

Is anyone else have extremely muggy weather lately?

I guess it’s storm season here, but today, we had everything except actual rain. It was so steamy outside that I had to take my pictures of dinner in the house – as soon as I took the camera out the door, the lens fogged up!

– My second Kardea bar may end up and be my favorite.


I love Chai tea, so I had a good feeling about this bar.


The Cranberry Almond flavor yesterday was awesome, but I like this flavor even better! It actually has tea in the bar, along with all the classic Chai spices. Plus, it still has that chewy/crunchy texture. I was a little sad when it was gone!

Don’t forget – you can get 15% off your order from the Kardea site. Just use the code DISCOUNTS at checkout!

– I got some fun coupons in the mail from Nature’s Pride and look whose recipe was in the envelope!


Brittany’s Veggie Stuffed Hummus Sandwich! Geez, it seems so long ago that we were cooking our dishes in San Francisco – that was actually the first time I met Brittany! Such a fun trip.

– Dinner was easy and delicious.


I made one of those steamer bags of green beans and made a veggie-pasta tower for dinner.


– I’m already in my pajamas, blogging from the couch, and getting ready to settle in for the night with Nick, Maggie, and Roxy. And probably a bowl of popcorn ;)


All in all, I’d say today turned out pretty good.


What small things made your day good today?


  1. How I “found time” today by not running, and then wasted it on silly little things, that made things good.

    Oh, and K-Griffin being on tonight!

  2. I have those days all the time. That is why I love having the blog. I can review my day and realize how good it actually was.

    It’s so important to remember and appreciate the little things! :)

  3. the chai spice is my favorite so far, too. and they have such great texture!
    and i know what you mean by not realizing how good a day is until you break it down :) and i love when you break down a bad day and realize it’s not so bad afterall even more!
    i had a great time at the barn today, a quick and fun yoga sesh, and a nice leisurely bikeride after dinner with my mom. and the weather made it even more perfect :)

  4. My husband and I took a *walk* to get a *diet soda,* my two favorite things at one definitely make the day good!

  5. We’ve had extremely humid & muggy weather here. I’d walk outside and my sunglasses would immediately fog up. But, it FINALLY rained today..hopefully it’ll make things better! A few small things that made today a good day was tennis (like always), a good workout, rain, and studying. The studying means I’ll have a break after the test tomorrow :P

  6. A good day at work, my sore throat mostly going away and the Whole Foods Cooking Demo tonight with the same Miss Brittany herself, The Man and Fanatic Mom!!!

  7. The weather here has been a bit oppressive as well. We got a short break yesterday, but it was back to rain this morning! At least it’s not too hot yet…

  8. Our posts are so similar today! Ha! Maybe today was just a good day all around?? :)

  9. I can’t wait to try the Kardea bars now–so excited! My day was *great* because I was able to wake up with my wonderful boyfriend and go on an unexpected 10-mile bike ride. A superb day indeed! :)

  10. I was mostly organized today, on an extremely busy day, and didn’t get stressed out once!

  11. I always have days like that! Big picture they seem EH but then you realize how successful it actually was and it turns your perspective around and thats the best feeling :). yay for finishing the book and CHEERS to great food!

  12. Ah, how fun to get nature’s pride coupons AND brittany’s recipe :) sounds like a pretty awesome day to me!

  13. I’m with you on the muggy weather. I’m terrified I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks as a sticky mess!

  14. Ah Kardea bars are fantastic :) I ran out of them SO fast. My favorite was the nanner one. Hope the weather brightens up :) And ahhh I wish you were cooking in San Fran again – I’m here right now!

    Enjoy your evening :)

  15. It’s starting to be cloudy and rainy over here, and I don’t really like that. I prefer the sun and the heat after that long cold weather.
    That pasta dish looks delicious!

  16. I would love to try the Bars!!! They are definitely on the Must-Try-When-Finally-In-The-USA List! :D
    Oh and your dinner looks fab!!!

  17. Geez Louise, you read fast!

    I made spaghetti and meatball cupcakes for my nephew’s birthday.

  18. Chai Spice and Lemon ginger were my favorite. I felt like I was in a jungle when I was eating Chai Spice. Kardea really nailed down their flavors.

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