Cuckoo for Coconut

1. I’m completely addicted to that Coconut Milk Creamer…and I found another flavor that I’ll be trying this week.

2. I’ve found something I love just as much.


I finally found the Turtle Mountain Coconut Milk Kefir! I’ve been wanting to try this ever since I saw Heather’s review and recipes, and my local health food store had it when I went this weekend.


10 active & live cultures? Sounds good to me!

I tried this poured over strawberries the other day (which was awesome), but I couldn’t wait to make overnight oats with it.


Last night I mixed:

This morning, I poured in about 1/4 cup Coconut Milk Kefir, added in some shredded coconut and a few crushed walnuts, and poured the entire mixture into my almost-empty Crofter’s jar.


Coconut + blueberry might be my new favorite combination!



I love the addition of the jam to overnight oats. That little bit of sweetness is perfect with the tart kefir.


I also had some peach and strawberries on the side, and coffee is in hand! I was actually just going to have tea once I got to work, but after reading more of my Coffeehouse Mystery book last night, all I wanted was a good cup of coffee. And coffee made at home is 100 times better than the stuff at work. So coffee it is!

Not bad for a Tuesday morning breakfast ;)


What’s your favorite dairy alternative products?

I’ll say it: I’m kind of scared of soy milk and soy yogurt. I finally soy milk in a latte a few weeks ago, and it was good, but I’ve never bought it to keep at home and I don’t know if I ever will!

I love almond milk, and love all these new coconut milk items I’m trying.



  1. I love that coconut milk kefir, it is so good in smoothies too! I’m a big soymilk fan, I just can’t get behind almond milk though.

  2. I’ve been wanting to find that kefir too, but so far – no luck!

  3. I love rice milk and almond milk. I do also like the so delicious coconut milk products but only for certain things.

  4. I use soymilk due to some slight lactose intolerancy but the only kind that doesnt upset my stomach is 8th cont. original light. I can’t stand most soy milks but this one actually tastes really good! And their vanilla one’s tastes soo sweet

  5. Love this coconut kefir! It’s so good drizzled on frozen fruit or over hot oats as well!

  6. That looks really good! Nice jar of oats! :-)
    I like soy milk as an alternative as well.

  7. Which coffehouse book are you on?

    (You got me started on them, Im on #6
    French Pressed)

    • ha, I’m so glad you like them!!!

      I just got “Holiday Grind” – #7, I think? And there’s a new one coming!!

  8. I love the blueberry and coconut combo, too – and am so jealous of your kefir find! I’m a little bit weary of giving kefir a try – but think coconut might lure me in ;)
    I think almond milk and coconut milk products are my favorite non-dairy alternatives :)

  9. I love unsweetened almond milk – original or vanilla. I just picked up the chocolate flavor to try too!

  10. I am an almond milk girl all the way. I love it! Never really been a big soy milk drinker…!

  11. I always use almond milk as a dairy substitute. I like soy milk creamer for now only because my co-op and grocery don’t carry coconut milk creamer. I’m going to buy some at WF on Sunday when I do my shopping.

    I don’t do non-dairy yogurt usually but goat milk yogurt is amazing.

  12. I’m not a huge fan of soy- I LOVE almond milk. I usually use that in my oatmeal, rice milk for cereal, & coconut milk for coffee. (Yeah, you should see my fridge….) ;0)

  13. I need to try coconut milk!

    I like soy milk, especially vanilla soy milk. Yum!

  14. That sounds really good! And I need to eat my Crofter’s faster so I can do oats in a jar like that. Yum!

  15. Just found your blog – so cute! My favorite dairy alternative is definitely almond milk – though I’ve always wanted to try hemp milk. I’ve heard good things! I try to stay away from soy milk because I think that we eat wayyy too much soy without realizing it lol no need to add any more!

  16. I can’t believe I have never put jam in my overnight oats! I will be trying this very soon :)

  17. I love soy milk — but only the unsweetened kind. (The Whole Foods organic brand is my fave. Cheap and tasty.) The others are too sticky sweet for me. I sometimes worry about eating soy every day, but I can’t drink regular milk (intolerant) and soy milk is the only other kind of alternative milk with a significant amount of protein.

    I really want to try that coconut milk kefir. I had it in my cart last week but put it back because of the $$. I’m going to have to buy it on my next “light” shopping week!

  18. ive been wanting to try that kefir for so long now!! we usually have to wait 1-2 years to get something here that is solf in the States :( its so sad!

    but we have the crofters jam thank heavens!


  19. Almond milk and coconut milk are definitely my favorite.

    I love the coconut & raspberry flavors together in oatmeal :)

  20. I add jam to my kefir, too! So Delicious coconut milk products are my favorite dairy alternatives. I drink the kefir whenever I start to feel sick, and I’m better the next day! And the ice cream, well…it doesn’t get any better than that! So yummy!

  21. Don’t bother with soy when there are products like the coconut and almond! Seriously, those brands are my favorites too! Crofter’s jars are perfect for a little yogurt snack…right?! I love this mixture!

  22. coconut milk kefir sounds delicious!

    i really love all the milk alternatives – hemp, almond – i actually enjoy the taste of soy but am trying not to drink too much of it b/c i already have too much soy, i feel, in my diet already.

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  24. Almond milk for sure, it’s my favorite.

  25. oh i definitely will have to try that kefir! i love UVAB the most.

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