Woozy of a Wednesday

Well…today was another woozy-doozy day, for me and Nick! I think we’re both ready for this week to be over, so that makes it even better that tomorrow is my “Friday”.

Nick and I are heading to his parent’s for the weekend and will be leaving after work tomorrow, and I’m more than ready for a few days off!

As soon as I got home from work, I whipped out a snack plate.


Nick and I were taking Maggie to the park before the rain started, and this little bit of hummus, broccoli, and celery was the perfect snack to get me through until dinner.


Thankfully, meals have been simple this week. After each day of work so far, I don’t know if I would have been able to make anything more complicated. And leftovers are the best for nights like this! I had a serving of my Enchilada Pasta, some corn, and the last of the avocado salad.

As for the rest of my night?

It may include a slice of Nick’s birthday cake.

It will include cuddling with Maggie in my pajamas.

And it will definitely include the finale of Top Chef Masters. If I can stay awake, that is. ;)



  1. Haha I definitely just had dejavu! I knew this dinner looked familiar! :) Leftovers rock! :)

  2. Cannot WAIT for top chef masters

  3. Chocolate cake is definitely a good way to relax after a busy day! :)

  4. A little weekend trip will be fun! You guys doing anything special with his parents?

  5. I love how colorful, delicious and easy that dinner looks!! I hope you enjoy some birthday cake (my favorite!)

  6. awe cuddling is the best!!!

    how fabulous is that snack plate!! its the best way to snack :)

    have a beautiful night <3

  7. Seems like a nice evening planned :)
    Enjoy your Thursday, I hope it passes quickly :D

  8. That sounds like a fabulous evening! I have a lot of unpacking that I’m supposed to be getting done, but I think cuddling up to a pillow and popping in a movie sounds much better.

  9. I can’t believe I missed top chef last night…ugh, I hope someone dvr-ed it at my place! Sounds like some delicious eats and a good time away ahead!

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