Couscous and Cherries

Two of my favorite things were in my lunch bag today :)


Israeli Couscous and local cherries!

I put some leftovers to good use and brought a serving of the couscous, white bean, and rainbow chard mixture plus the last of the tomato/basil salad from dinner the other night.


Plus some cherries for a little something sweet.


Today has been just as crazy as yesterday…better get back to it!


What’s your favorite summer fruit?

I love peaches and raspberries. And watermelon, when it’s perfectly ripe!



  1. I love organic peaches!

  2. I love peaches. I can eat two in a sitting.

  3. Definitely watermelon – when someone else chops it up for me :)

  4. peaches and watermelon!

  5. strawberries and nectarines for me :)

  6. I love white nectarines and pluots. I’m so happy it’s summer!

  7. I bought a huge watermelon at Trader Joe’s and ate half of it while chopping it up. SO refreshing!

  8. I love fresh berries, but peaches are a runner up for sure!

  9. I love all summer fruit. Today I bought watermelon, ’cause I’m craving it like crazy when it’s so hot outside!

  10. I loovvee Israeli couscous, it makes the best cold summer pasta salad! That looks great :)

  11. That’s a tough pick. I love so many summer fruits. I tend to not be a fruit girl the rest of the year but once they are in season I load up my cart. I’d say watermelon. No wait strawberries. Ohhh how hard it is to choose.

  12. I also love peaches and raspberries…soo good! oh, and fresh picked blueberries for pancakes!

  13. CHERRIES ARE MY FAVORITE! thats why i get so excited when bloggers post about them. im still praying we get the local ones in soon. i need my fix asap!

  14. Kiwi! and bananas!!! Kiwi’s taste like strawberries and they’re fun to eat cause they’re fuzzy and just plain cute. Banana’s because they actually fill me up a little. Both are loaded with potassium so that’s another plus! :)

  15. i LOVE summer fruit :) especially all the berries, melons, and cherries! i can’t pick my fave so typically i make a huge fruit salad and enjoy a sampling of each.

    plus banana softserve is another homemade summer treat :)

  16. Those cherries look tasty! For me, nothing beats just-picked strawberries. They’re so soft and juicy compared to the store-bought ones.

  17. Mangoes, mangoes, and MORE mangoes! Of course I can’t forget about the watermelons, nectarines, cherries, and blueberries!

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