Best Batch Yet

I made my best batch of Sourdough Pancakes to date!


It had been a few weeks since I had my starter out, so I took it out and fed it again (1 cup flour, 1 cup warm water) and let it sit out overnight.

This morning, after we went running with Maggie, I decided I wanted to try making oatmeal pancakes with my sourdough.


They were awesome! The oatmeal gave them such a great texture, but they stayed super fluffy. Plus, I made them vegan :) Even better!

I’ll have to make them again and actually measure everything so I can put a recipe together, but Nick and I both loved them. They’re definitely going to be my go-to sourdough pancake recipe from now on. Maybe I’ll have a sourdough cookbook someday…it’s fun to use!


While I worked on the pancakes, Nick made us some Kona in the coffee syphon.

3 mile run. Coffee. Pancakes.

I’d say that’s one of my favorite ways to start the weekend :)


Off to get groceries and a haircut!



  1. I’ve never tried sourdough pancakes…do you just use sourdough starter and through it into the mix? I love the bread so the pancake version must be awesome! Great breakfast :)

  2. I love that you are really sticking with the vegan thing so far. It’s a big change from your standard diet so I’m impressed.

    Good job!

  3. That looks absolutely amazing! Oatmeal sourdough pancakes? Sign me up for sure :)

  4. omg sourdough pancakes?!?!?!?! that’s genius!!!

  5. can i be your friend and you make me some pancakes!? i guess we’re kind of friends.. lol… i’ll just invite myself come over hehe


  6. Mmm delicious way to start the weekend!

  7. That sounds like a really great weekend! I actually love grocery shopping and getting my hair done. That would just really top off the pancakes :)

  8. These pancakes look really delicious. And what a perfect way to start the weekend: run, pancakes, coffee! I just had my breakfast (not pancakes unfortunately) and am about to tackle the run. Enjoy your Saturday!

  9. Sourdough pancakes…unreal! I would love to hear about the recipe lady! I am such a sourdough bread lova’.

  10. i’ve never had sourdough pancakes – i love the idea of it!

  11. Yum those pancakes look amazing :)

  12. That’s how I want to start my day tomorrow. Short run, pancakes, and hubby time! Sounds like the perfect morning….. :)

  13. I’m still intimidated to use sourdough, but you make it sound/look so easy!

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