Cats and Dogs

The weather turned nasty this afternoon!

As soon as I left work today, it started pouring – seriously raining cats and dogs. I ended up sitting in my car in our driveway for 10 minutes, waiting for the rain to let up so I could get out without being completely drenched.

Thankfully, the storm seems to have passed? It was pretty bad. Definitely the most rain we’ve had in a while!

I had lunch with some friends/coworkers today at a new salad place – it was great!

Only, I totally failed at having a vegan lunch – but it was an accident! I didn’t realize the dressing I got had feta IN it until I had already eaten about half my salad. Oops!

The rest of the salad was perfect: romaine, chickpeas, kidney beans, broccoli, tomatoes, red onion, carrots, black olives, artichokes, and sunflower seeds. Yum.

I love big salads, but without avocado or something more caloric, they don’t hold me over very well.

I ended up having this Larabar this afternoon at work.


One of my favorites! I love the pineapple + orange flavors.

After getting in the house, taking Maggie back out, and drying off inside, I reheated some dinner.


Leftover peanut sauced-veggie pasta, topped with a few peanuts and edamame on the side.

Nick ended up having to work late, and once he got home and ate dinner he wanted to go to Dairy Queen.

Guess who turned it down?!? Yup – I couldn’t believe it, either ;) I still have a bunch of Cashew Creamery ice cream in the freezer if I really need something cold + creamy.

I got a Diet Dr. Pepper because I really wanted one and am planning on some popcorn with olive oil.


Pretty good end to the week :)


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  1. I need to try that flavor Larabar. Not sure I’ve ever turned down Dairy Queen. We actually don’t have one around us which is probably a good thing. We do have Coldstone though which is a killer.

  2. Its crazy how animal products are “hidden” in so many foods!
    I love DQ haha…haven’t been in a while, but you made me want to go. Enjoy the Cashew Creamery ice cream. Hopefully it makes a satisfying substitute!

  3. I have to be really careful to pay attention to stuff like that when it comes to sugar. It’s hidden everywhere and causes me major pain.

  4. haha I’m always afraid to turn the blizzard upside down!

  5. i think u found a nasty weather cure, tropical larabars.. they bring me to the tropics lol <3

    love peanut butter in pasta/noodles. so ur peanut pasta is making me excited!! hehe

    u remind me how much i need to try the other larabar flavors!

  6. I always thought that larabar sounded so starange and then I tried it and fell in LOVE. It’s perfect for the summer too!

  7. oh i love that larabar flavor too!! and your peanut sauced veggies look fantastic girlie :)

  8. Great job on turning down DQ! :-)
    I love the left-over pasta- looks very tasty!

  9. That LaraBar looks great! I haven’t tried that one yet. Actually, I haven’t even seen it in stores.

  10. Your dinner looks so wonderfully balanced and colorful! I wonder why edamame is so damn good…

    Sounds like the weekend is off to a great start where you live. Have fun!

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