Salad Squared

I think the best perk of being able to work from home is deciding what I want for lunch right at that moment.

Yes, it’s tough for me since I take forever to make decisions, but I don’t have to worry about a soggy sandwich or forgetting part of my lunch at home.

Today was all about the salads!


First up? A BIG green salad with veggies from last night’s dinner: romaine, tomato, red onion, cucumber, black olive, and a homemade dressing.


I also heated up the last of the wheatberry, white bean, and asparagus salad so I wouldn’t forget about it.


PS: Check out this sleepy pup.


She’s been napping in her bed, right by my feet, all day. She was so cuddly this morning, it was hard for Nick to leave for work! I love days when she’s lovey-dovey like this.


Are there any veggies you eat now that you used to hate?

I still won’t eat baby carrots (they gross me out for some reason), but I’ll have raw carrots on salads or in sandwiches now and I never used to!

Same with cucumbers. If they’re IN something good or smothered in hummus, I’ll eat them. But a few years ago? No. way.


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  1. I used to loathe asparagus and I turned my nose up to brussels. Now a week doesn’t go by that I don’t have at least one of those two things.
    And I used to hate raw carrots – but I think that’s becaue my Momma is allergic so we never had them in the house – but now I love love love them – especially dipped in almond butter – TRY IT!

  2. I used to hate asparagus, tomatoes, and avocados. Now I can’t get enough of them :)

  3. I used to hate asparagus because of the smell and brussell sprouts because my dad told me they were baby cabbage patch kids.

    I still can’t eat cauliflower. THey look like bleached trees.

  4. I used to hate sweet potatoes, well I wouldn’t even try them because they looked “too healthy” haha, but now I obviously adore them.

  5. Hi Brandi! Wanted to let you know I made your breakfast cookie this morning and it was delish! Will definitely be making it again, so thank you. :)

  6. I agree – I love not having to pack my lunch the night before and haul it with me the next day, only to feel like eating something different come lunch time!

  7. Your vegan eats have all been absolutely gorgeous so far (you can interpret that sentence a number of ways – right now in my head that actually reads: Holy crap Allison go to the grocery store) :)

  8. I used to hate squash and now I love it. And I’m coming around to cooked carrots and brussels sprouts. I’ve always enjoyed most veggies though!

  9. Can’t wait to read about how you feel the vegan thing is going…hard? It all looks tasty at least.

    I never ate beets growing up because I thought I didn’t like them but now I am obsessed!

  10. ahhh i LOVE salads! especially the variety shown here – i have a recipe for a black bean and corn salad i have been meaning to make for ohhh…forever.

    the only veggies i’ve ever hated our mushrooms and olives, and those still stand to this day :)

  11. Your dog is adorable. :)

    The salad is also so colorful and beautiful.

  12. I am so much more an adventurous eater now. Last year, I hadn’t even tried tofu!

  13. Growing up I ate exactly one vegetable – a cucumber! Turns out my Mom overcooked most veggies, so I thought they tasted like ass.

    It wasn’t until I met my husband, we were at a steak house and he ordered fresh asparagus as his side. He asked me to try it, and I was like “I don’t like asparagus!” To he replied “when is the last time you tried it?” Um, 25 years ago!

    Guess what? It was crisp tender and I absolutely loved it! Now I eat broccoli, zucchini, peppers, and I would be lost without my baby spinach!

  14. I like beets now. To be fair, the only time I tried beets as a child they were plain and canned, so perhaps I would have liked them all along.

  15. i used to HATE tomatoes but now I dont know what I would do without them!!!! i love that bean salad!!

  16. I’m a veggie LOVER now, not so much as a kid. However, I still don’t prefer asparagus…….I just can’t get into it!

  17. I could eat salads every day in the summer. So refreshing and the veggies and fruits are just so good right now!

    I use to HATE peas. Despised them as a kid. Now, I like them. Not my favorite, but I would never turn down a pea! :)

  18. I love Brussels sprouts now and I don’t remember having them as a kid. I use to absolutely love peas but I hardly eat them anymore. I guess the veggies come and go

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