Lunchtime Mission

I love leftovers for lunch :)


That’s no surprise, though, huh?

I was so excited to dig into my lunch today!


– The last of the grilled yellow squash from the other night

– MexiGrains from last night with avocado



Honestly, if you give me anything with avocado, I’d be happy.

It’s been a busy morning in the office, and I’m looking forward to my lunch break!

Fun errands make lunch break a good thing ;)

I’m on a mission today to find some coconut milk creamer to try in my coffee! *Crossing my fingers I can actually find some. I’m going to try a few of the little health food stores here since we don’t have a Whole Foods and our Kroger doesn’t sell it.


What do you use in your coffee / tea?

Nothing? Milk? Cream and sugar?



  1. Hmm. Milk or cream. And sugar! I like my coffee sweet! You could try soy milk creamer – I’ve used a yummy vanilla one. And I like coconut milk stuff too.

    And oh woah – avocado rocks my world too.

  2. Oh coconut milk in general would be good in coffee! I use dairy creamer on occasion- but try to keep it to a minimal! And I’m slowly working on just going to tea (with no sugar). Like I said- slowly…

  3. Good luck! I was super surprised to find it at the tiny health food store I went to. It was right next to the coffee creamers though!

  4. I just use one packet of sugar in my coffee. Too much coffee flavoring makes me sick :(.

    I DO love leftovers for lunch. I had leftovers today…totally the highlight of my day.

  5. I’ve had the coconut milk creamer and it’s delicious! I found it at my little no-name health food store.

    But daily, I use regular half & half.

  6. Skim milk. I love almond milk for green monsters – but it just doesn’t do the trick in my coffee.

  7. Those leftovers seem great to me! I am a black coffee drinker…always have been.

  8. Almond milk in coffee is surprisingly good. Banana milk? Uh, not so much. Coconut creamer sounds lovely, though! I do hope you find it!

  9. Coconut milk!!! I like coconut creamer too, but I like the milk better because I can put more in without having white coffee ;)

  10. Honestly, the only thing I like about coffee is the smell. I guess in that case my favorite thing to put in it would be tons of milk and sugar haha :P As for tea, citrus green tea is my favorite.

  11. i still believe leftovers usually taste better than the day its made.. something about the flavors soaking up and marinating.

    i use soymilk and stevia.. or sometimes almond milk …. if theres no stevia i will use splenda.


  12. I try to avoid using sugar, but I usually use a little raw. At work I use the free cream, but lately it has been turning a little solid. . . ewww.

  13. Anything with avocado is a winner in my book! YUM!

    I love coffee with non fat milk in it. I’d love to find a non-dairy replacement though. The stores here don’t sell coconut milk creamer!

  14. I usually put almond or soy milk in my coffee and nothing in my tea. If I’m in the mood for something sweet I’ll add a few drops of liquid stevia.

  15. Leftover rock. Especially grilled leftovers!

    Good luck with the creamer. I can never find the stuff either. I only ever see the plain and I’m dying to find the hazelnut. The plain tasted “too plain” when I am so used to French Vanilla or Hazelnut Soy creamer.

  16. I use a combo of soy creamer and almond milk. No extra sweetners. I’m going to buy some coconut milk creamer soon.

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