Sick as a Pup

Maggie is sick!

I came home to find a kennel covered in throw-up and who knows what else. I got her outside to use the bathroom and gave her a bath right before she started throwing up again :( We think she’s allergic to something in her food, so Nick’s going to get her some different stuff to try.

After getting her kennel outside so Nick could spray it down and clean it, I cleaned up the floors inside the house and put her bed, blanket, and towels in the wash.

I felt so bad for her!

BUT – she’s acting just like normal now and she’s feeling much better.

Backtracking to this afternoon –

I had to run a few errands during my lunch hour, so I swung into Lucie Monroe’s for a soy latte.


Would you believe this is the first time I’ve ever tried soy milk? I’m a bit scared of it :) I’ve never bought it in the store, but I figured this would be the best way to try it for the first time.

The latte was delicious! I couldn’t really tell a difference between a dairy latte and this one, but I’m glad I tried it!

After all the craziness this evening with Maggie, dinner got started a bit later than normal.

The good thing about vegan dishes? They can be superfast to make!


I heated up some of the leftover chicken last night for Nick, and mixed up this grain salad to have for my dinner and as a side dish for him.


I bring you…MexiGrains!

I really wanted to make this with just barley, but I didn’t have enough left so it’s a mix of barley + brown rice. It turned out great!

  • 3/4 cup dry quick cooking barley
  • 2 cups COOKED brown rice
  • 1 can diced tomatoes
  • 1 can corn, drained
  • 1 can pinto beans, rinsed and drained
  • salt
  • garlic powder
  • ancho chile powder
  • cumin
  • 2 scallions, sliced
  • 1/4 cup fresh cilantro
  • avocado, for garnish

I cooked the  barley in a large pot and then just added everything but the avocado, let it simmer for a few minutes and it was ready!


I had mine with some broccoli (and went back for seconds of broccoli + the grain salad).

As for dessert?


There’s some vegan strawberry rhubarb crumble + cashew vanilla ice cream with my name on it.

I’ve got lunch packed for tomorrow, veggies cut for snacks, and one load of laundry to fold – all in a day’s work, I guess.





  1. I’m so sorry your pupster is sick–I hope she feels all better soon! Your vegan meals are looking fabulous, especially this dinner. I’m a mostly vegan eater, too, and I love getting new ideas for quick, easy meals! Enjoy your night!

  2. Awwe poor Maggie!! I’m glad she’s feeling better and hope it doesnt come back :(

    So are you eating vegan just for today or are you trying it out for longer/sticking with it?

    • I’m thinking of joining Allison + Emily for their month challenge of eating vegan in June.

  3. Aww I hope maggie feels better soon! My dog… well he sleeps too much to know if he’s ever sick

  4. Everything looks so good! Vegan or not :-) Hope Maggie feels better soon….

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about Maggie!

    I used to show my dog, so I know a little bit about them. What I would do is:
    1. actually allow her to eat grass if she hasn’t passed all of the food she is allergic to. This will make her vomit a little bit more, but you want the food to pass.
    2. Make sure she has water. Sometimes dogs are just super dehydrated.
    3. Feed her rice! It’s super bland and shouldn’t upset her stomach.

    Hope she gets better. Poor puppy.

  6. I agree with Michelle about most of those tips….I always make rice for my pup when she is getting sick. It always helps! Glad to see you had a successful vegan day lady!

  7. Sorry puppy girl is sick. I hope she got it out of her system and the change of food helps.

  8. I’m glad Maggie is feeling better. :)

  9. I’m sorry that Maggie is sick :/ I hope it’s nothing serious!

  10. Aww sorry your puppy is sick! Hopefully she is feeling better soon!

    I loove the looks of the mexigrains. YUMYUMYUM!!

  11. I was afraid of soy milk growing up, because the stuff my mother bought was cheap, chalky and awful. But I was forced to switch after becoming lactose intolerant in college and now I know where to get the good stuff: if you’re going to buy it from the store stick to Silk! The fresher refrigerated kind, because the shelf-stable kind can separate and get grainy.

  12. Poor Maggie! :( Hope she feels better soon!!!!

  13. Aw, hopefully Maggie feels better soon!

    That’s a great-looking cobbler. I’m a total sucker for fruit crumbles, and I actually had no idea about that cashew ice cream. Growing up in the south, cobbler HAS to have ice cream with it :) Cashews are such an underrated nut IMO.

  14. OH GEEZ! Poor baby! Feel better Mags! :) (I just read your newer post and saw the update – but CONTINUE

  15. to keep us updated!! i want to make sure that little sweetheart is okay! (ps – wordpress decided to submit comment before i was ready!) :)

  16. soy milk really scares me too…i stick with almond milk. Have you ever tried that? its really good.

  17. Sorry to hear about Maggie. Our dog has food allergies, and we can only give him a certain kind of (expensive) food now. I hope you figure out what’s going on with her.

    I LOVE soy milk. Silk is really good… everything from the creamer to original to chocolate to vanilla. I use it in cereal, smoothies (try chocolate Silk, a banana, pb, and vanilla yogurt), cooking, and baking. I don’t usually drink it straight, but I would never drink regular milk straight either. The French Vanilla creamer is delicious in coffee without even adding any sugar.

  18. so sorry maggie is sick! It’s so heart breaking to find your dog sick, I always feel soooo bad for them because they have probably been feeling bad for a while but havent been able to tell me =(

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