Grains and Beans

After making up a wheatberry, white bean, and asparagus salad for a cookout this weekend, I was really excited to see we had some leftover for lunches :)

Plus, it’s vegan!


I cooked the white beans from scratch this weekend (so easy, I just have to remember to do it!) and added them to some cooked wheatberries, sauteed asparagus, sun dried tomatoes and a vinaigrette dressing.


The dressing was red wine vinegar, olive oil, dijon mustard, salt, pepper, parsley, and thyme. We also had some renegade green beans hanging out in the fridge, so I added them into my lunch.

I love wheatberries! They’re so hearty and chewy, and they’re a great mix with the creamy beans and crisp asparagus.


I also brought some of the leftover grilled yellow squash from dinner last night. Such a colorful lunch!


Good thing lunch was quick – I’ve got a bunch of errands to run during my lunch break today…better get going!


What’s your favorite bean?



  1. I had to involuntarily go vegan for a month when I was recovering from my last bout of Colitis. It was definitely a challenge because I love yogurt and ice cream!! I think its fun to try new diets but I also think that if you really like something and if it’s not important to you to give up, than why, you know? Dairy is a good thing and if your body can digest it and use it for all of its benefits, why take it away?

    Good luck with the challenge! :) Lunch looks like a great way to start.

  2. Colorful is right- and it looks so refreshing!

    I think my fav beans are edamame… not sure why, but I love them-especially on salads!

  3. This looks awesome. Right up my alley. I love home cooking beans, but I never remember to do it either…and canned just becomes too convenient. Favorite bean…oh gosh- vegetarian pinto or black

  4. ah, i never remember beans either… but i just read somewhere you can freeze them (like extra grains), so i might have to try that when I get back! lunch looks fab :)

  5. Yay, so glad you are thinking of doing the challenge with us!

    And my favorite beans are black beans.

  6. I love Great Northern beans. So creamy. That salad sounds wonderful.

  7. I’m all about the chickpeas

  8. I am in between kidney beans and chick peas! I love cold grain salads, they are such an easy all in one meal =)

  9. That sounds like a great lunch. Wheatberries have the best chew! My favorite beans are probably chickpeas but I really love all of them.

  10. these kind of lunches are my absolute favorite!! so full of flavor.

    i can’t wait to see how your vegan challenge goes!! it will be a piece of cake(vegan of course)! :)

  11. Ah! Two comments in one day, it can’t be helped.

    I love black beans… However, I recently discovered butter beans. They’re HUGE! They make me smile.

    Since you brought up wheatberries (and caused my addiction to them)… You have to try this recipe (bonus: vegan!): (Peanut Butter Wheatberry Pancakes).

    They are amazing! I had them with homemade almond butter and a touch of syrup. Chewy, dense, with a hint of peanut butter. Genius. Let me know if you get a chance to try them. :D

  12. Your wheat berry salad looks fabulous. I miss wheat berries–I wish they were gluten-free! My favorite beans are black beans and gigante beans (the big white ones). I just tried a lima bean soup last night, though (also vegan!) and it was absolutely fantastic. Perhaps a new favorite?

  13. What a fantastic fresh and healthy meal. I love when it all comes together like that :)

  14. I heart beans! Not sure I could pick a favorite. Black beans maybe? Fresh green beans? Hmmmmm……

  15. i love your wheat berry salads. i still have yet to try them! i keep forgetting the baggy i have of them in my cupboard. love the mix of them with beans, though.
    i think my fav. bean would have to be garbanzos! i think you cn do just about nything with them and they’re still mazing :P

  16. i always love eating this way!! its so fresh and u know its gonna fill you up which is awesome! the beans are the best addition too <3 those wheatberries look divine.. i think ur the only blogger that cooks with them- awesome!!

  17. I like kidney beans but I’m not a super big bean person, I am more a of the lentil type

  18. I have never in my life tried wheatberries, but maybe I’ll give them a try :). They don’t look very scary.

  19. I need to try me some wheatberries! I always want to, but then get scared and choose something else when it comes down to it lol

  20. hmm garbanzo if we’re talking about humus, but i do love kidney beans in chili. ONLY in chili.

  21. MMM! Lentils are more of a legume, but they are my faveeee! :) Black beans have a place in my heart too!

  22. Yummy vegan feast!! I love summer squash- I’m so glad it’s in season! Super super cheap at famer’s markets so we can stock up! :P

  23. Oh yum, I looove wheatberries!!
    I think my favorite beans are those huge lima beans.. used to hate them though!

  24. Looks like you are still rolling right along with delicious vegan food! I am not a big fan of beans, I guess I like black beans in my tacos best.

  25. I love black beans. I got that love from my cuban friends.

    I am unintentionally vegan some days because I don’t eat a ton of dairy and I don’t always eat eggs. But I couldn’t do it full time.

  26. i <3 chickpeas! they go well with everything! otherwise navy beans are really great too!

  27. I love having leftovers for lunch during the week–makes this a bit easier! I need to try wheat berries :-)

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