Grillin’ and Chillin’

I think every weekend should be a 3 day weekend.

Nick worked on washing the cars while I cleaned inside the house and worked on laundry. It was a productive day!

I took a break and had a little snack.


I got these Probiotic Bars as a sample through OpenSky, and I love them! Nick’s tried all the flavors so far and really likes them, too. Look out for a full review soon – they’re really tasty and have a great ingredient list. They’re definitely being added to my shop, and soon!



Dinner tonight was almost all on the grill. I love meals that are completely grilled – it means less work inside!


One of the gifts in our anniversary packages the other day was this Tequila-Agave marinade from Williams-Sonoma.

Since we had good weather (and it was a holiday weekend), I decided we needed to break it out and get something on the grill tonight.

I poured half the bottle over some free range organic chicken thighs and Nick grilled them to perfection.


I love the I can read all the ingredients! It was delicious on the chicken.

We also had some grilled yellow squash (from our co-op this week) and some brown rice I mixed with lime juice and cilantro.



Along with a Corona + lime, it was the perfect summer meal.


We ate our dinner outside on the deck with Maggie and Roxy. Definitely the best way to end this weekend :)

I’ve got one last load of laundry to fold, and then I’m ready to relax!


PS: Did you know Emily and Allison are going vegan for the month of June? I’m thinking about it…but I need to do a little planning.

PPS: I made my Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble completely vegan yesterday, and it turned out even better than the first batch!


I used all agave in the fruit mix and subbed in soy-free Earth Balance for the butter/oil.


Hope you enjoyed your day – back to the grind tomorrow!



  1. Summertime grilling is the best, isn’t it? That squash looks fantastic.
    Good luck to all 3 of you (if you join the challenge)! Not sure I could live without my yogurt…. :)

  2. I love being able to read all of the ingredients too. The ingredients of a product is one of biggest concerns I have when I go grocery shopping.

  3. Vegan, agave sweetened strawberry rhubarb crumble? When can I come over? ;-)

  4. Three days weekends are the way to go, looks like you had an awesome one :-)

  5. I did Vegan for a day earlier this year, and it was tough. If you do it, good luck.

  6. This makes me wish I had a grill (or I should say, was allowed to have a grill) so badly! Dinner looks amazing; glad you had a fabulous weekend :)

  7. I’m still getting used to the vegetarian thing so vegan would be a bit much right now. Although I’m headed that direction on accident.

    But your food looks great. Do those probiotic bars have sugar in the or sugar alcohols?

  8. What a great grilling evening! and that dessert! i need to try it!

  9. A month vegan sounds like my kind of month…ha. I really like the sound of that tequila agave marinade. We had a veganized crumble tonight and no one seemed to tell the difference!

  10. Wow, looks like all the food turned out great. I always like experimenting with different marinades!

  11. I am a massive fan of marinades! That one sounds great!
    Fabulous looking dinner!
    That’s great you enjoyed your long weekend! :-)

  12. I’m dying to buy a grill! But I am afraid I’ll burn my eyebrows off or something trying to operate it, haha.

    That definitely looks like the perfect summer meal :)

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