Wedding Waffles

6 years later…


…we’re still using the waffle maker we got at our wedding.


We don’t use it very often, and it’s almost always perched on top of the refrigerator, but every now and then…we just want waffles.


I’ve got to work on this waffle recipe before giving it out. They tasted awesome, but they weren’t as crispy on the outside as I like them.

But the maple syrup baked bacon was amazing ;)


If nothing else, I’ve at least learned to cook in these 6 years! Who knew I would be making us breakfast when he was the breakfast guru when we got married?

I’ve got coffee to drink and then we’re getting ready to go into town!

He’s got to go to the lab for a bit, so I’ll do the farmer’s market + grocery shopping while he’s there.


Happy Saturday!

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  1. Wedding Waffles, I LOVE IT! Enjoy the Farmer’s Market and grocery shopping, sounds like a good day to me :)

  2. Maple. Syrup. Bacon. Yum!

  3. Beautiful first picture. :) SO sweet.

  4. Love that first picture!
    I can’t wait for that waffle recipe, I suck at making them :))

  5. you two are adorable. and so are those waffles. and maple syrup and bacon. all killer combos right there :)

  6. YUMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! my waffle maker is packed away, but some day i’ll get it out again!!! banana waffles were my fav!!

  7. Mmm, waffles :) and what a lovely picture of you two on your special day!

  8. Oh gosh, I looove waffles!! And congrats on your anniversary!

  9. Wait…did you not use to cook before you got married? You cook up some pretty amazing stuff now! Nick’s lucky! :-)

    congratulations on your anniversary, dear Brandi! :D

  10. I love your wedding picture.

    We got a great George Foreman thing with waffle plates that we use occasionally. I hope to still be using it in another 4 years.

  11. waffles, jealous lady! The wedding shot is wonderful as well! Have a great weekend!

  12. yay, congrats to you two :)

  13. mmm homemade waffles!! I can’t remember when I’ve last had a waffle let alone a homemade one. Those look awesome.

    Hope you guys had a fun movie night last night!

  14. Happy Anniversary!!! I love all the photos you put up last year…. :)

  15. Happy Anniversary!! I hope that you and your husband have a great weekend together reminiscing about your wedding!! :)

  16. Haha I feel like a waffle maker always goes hand-in-hand with marriage. My mom definitely got her old waffle maker (that she got as a wedding gift) with a new one on my parents anniversary.

  17. I have a waffle maker that I never get around to using either–congrats on the 6 years, that’s wonderful!

  18. happy anniversary! love the wedding waffles – now i need a waffle maker too! =)

  19. Happy belated anniversary! :)

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