Side Splits

It’s FrIdAy!!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready for this 3 day weekend – plus, tomorrow is our wedding anniversary :) We have fun dinner plans, and I can’t wait to start the celebration!

We’re running a bit low on groceries for the week, but I did have a perfectly ripe banana for a banana split.


After trying a few different nut butters on this, I’ve decided that the Dark Chocolate Dreams PB&Co Peanut butter is the best banana split topping. It’s sweet, melty, and chocolate.


These are so easy and fun to eat!

The oats are basic:

1/2 cup oats

1 cup water

pinch salt



Then I just layer those into a split banana, add toppings, and dig in.


Oatmeal. Banana. Chocolate pb. Fruit. Coffee.

I think I’m ready to get my Friday going :)


Do you have fun Memorial Day weekend plans?


  1. So what were in the packages???

    • Ha, whoops! I forgot to take pictures last night!

      We’ll be using most of them this weekend, so I’ll make sure to post them :)

  2. That’s a delicious long-weekend breakfast. :) Happy Memorial Day!

  3. Yum, that banana split breakfast looks so yummy!

    We don’t have a whole lot going on but I am hoping to get to see SATC II today!

  4. Those strawberries are so red! They look delicious! Great way to start the long weekend……. :)

  5. It seems like PB&Co Dark Chocolate Dreams makes everything better :-)

  6. Happy almost anniversary! Looks like an AMAZING breakfast :-)

  7. I do NOT like bananas, but I have to say – right now I want to eat one, your meal looks that amazing :)

    PS – I have NOT forgotten about getting you TJs goodies, I’ve just been so stupid busy! :( I’m sorry for being a bad bloggie friend!

  8. That banana split looks absolutely incredible! I’m definitely having food envy looking at it this morning. I hope you and Nick have an amazing weekend! My bf and I are going to Reno for the long Memorial Weekend to visit friends and go hiking and biking (and hopefully try our luck at the tables!). Have fun!! :)

  9. i know even tho its really simple, it looks SO FANCY! i love bananas and oats and nutbutter and fruit. so why not make a lil banana boat out of them hehe :) love this so much! <3

  10. Beautiful banana split!! I think my “fun memorial day plans” now constitute recreating this deliciousness… :)

  11. Wow, you didn’t open your packages??!! I am impressed!

    My daughter graduates from high school tomorrow!! So excited!

  12. Dark Chocolate Dreams is amazing!! Great way to start of the Friday and end of the week :)

  13. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! have an amazing weekend you two lovebirds :)

  14. I am loving this breakfast…. ALOT!

  15. I’m off to spend my dad’s birthday with my family upstate. Have a wonderful weekend, Brandi!

  16. mmm that looks perfect!
    i’m beach sitting this weekend – so happy to relax!

  17. Now that is a banana split, love it!

  18. Mmmmm chocolate dreams is so good! That looks like a fun experiment to do ;)

  19. We went to Great Escape amusement park today, going biking tomorrow and Monday is organization day.

  20. Oh, your banana split looks mighty yummy! This weekend, I’m doing laundry and catching up after my holiday in Mallorca.

  21. Wow. Can I come over for breakfast?! Ha ha. Happy Anniversary!!!

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