Movies Rule

Friday night = Movie night!

We’re having 2 movie nights in a row :) Last night, we watched Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang (love Robert Downey, Jr – especially after Sherlock Holmes) and we’re about to start The Hangover.

The weather turned out nasty today! There were horrible thunder storms and lightening all afternoon at work.

I soothed myself with a local donut.


My donut rule worked in my favor today! We have these donuts in our office every Friday, but I have a rule for myself: if my favorite kind (chocolate iced cake) is there by the afternoon, I can have it if I really want it. And today, there was one just waiting for me!

I never want a donut when I first get into the office because I’ve just eaten breakfast. But sometimes…a sugary donut for a Friday afternoon treat is the best thing ever.

We came home to gray skies and puddled streets and got started on dinner.


I made some “dirty” brown rice with roasted garlic chicken sausage and some green beans.



The movie is starting, but there may be a snack tonight?


Cashew ice cream?

Who knows?!?


Tomorrow’s our anniversary!!!! AH!

Happy Friday :)



  1. Glad you got your donut. There’s nothing worse than waiting and waiting for something and it doesn’t pan out. Have a good night!

  2. That right there is my bf’s idea of a delicious dinner. He is a major rice fan and is all over things like veggie rice, stir fry etc.
    Enjoy your night:)

  3. Oh I want a local donut, that sounds amazing :-)

  4. Donut! I would love a donut. :)

  5. That picture of the donut made me smile (and want to lick the computer screen)!!

  6. We usually have doughnuts or cookies or something hanging out on the back counter of my department, and I usually have no trouble passing them but on a Friday afternoon, it’s hard to do. Today, I definitely snug 1/2 a doughnut and it tasted amazing! :)

    Enjoy your movie tonight.

  7. reminds me of my dinner i just had.. with green beans <3 that looks so delicious. i really like simple yet healthy filling dinners uno? nothing beats them

    wow and im totally in need of a donut right now, that would be perfect. chocolate glaze has always been my fav.. that or choc dip. <3

    ENJOY YOUR MOVIE NIGHT! ima be enjoying mine in about 30 min.

    xoxo <3

  8. Movie nights are definitely fun! I just finished reading “Dear John” and now I’m watching the movies before hitting the hay to get some sleep before tomorrow’s 10K.

  9. Happy anniversary! And what’s this about cashew ice cream?

  10. Great donut rule! I’m so glad you enjoyed it–it looks delicious! Enjoy movie night, and happy anniversary! :)

  11. The weather’s nasty here, too! The forecast’s predicting a solid 10 days of thunderstorms. On a brighter topic, that doughnut looks yummy! Have fun with your movie night :)

  12. that donut looks divine! i haven’t had a donut in forever, probably b/c i’m not ever in a place where they’re lying around and donut shops depress me. but i do love them :)

    happy anniversary!

  13. yay, happy anniversary :) you guys are such a great couple, glad i was able to meet you both at FBF!

  14. I love to treat myself to a donut now and then–I really need to start making my own! :-)

  15. i wish i could have a movie night! i need to sign up for netflix or something…oh wait, i don’t have a dvd player…oops!

  16. I love the dirty rice! I hope you had a good movie night :)

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