Tasting Plate + Packages

How’s your Thursday?

Mine is going…and going and going :)

It’s HOT outside! I’m so happy we went running this morning and got it over with. Today is the kind of day that makes me wish I had access to a pool.

Lunch is so, so random, but so good!


Tasting Plate = lots of fun food at one time.


I’ve got 2 hard boiled eggs with salt + smoked paprika I made last night (and I just realized I’ll be having eggs in dinner! Oh well). Plus a slice of cornbread, some broccoli, and the last of the Cuban black beans from last night.



Cornbread + beans is good. In fact, I’ll probably go back for another piece of cornbread…


We got a delivery today!


My mom sent us our anniversary gifts, but I’m going to try my best to not open them until Nick gets home :) I can’t wait to see what they are!

(I know the bottom isn’t actually an ice cream maker. She knows we don’t have room for it, and the box isn’t heavy enough for it to be that)


Can’t wait to tear into these boxes later!!!


Do you wait to open all gifts on birthdays/Christmas/etc until the actual day or do you open them as soon as you get them? Our anniversary isn’t until Saturday, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be opening these tonight ;)


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  1. Cornbread and beans really do go well together! So Southern! And I always wait to open gifts. I like to prolong the excitement! Can’t wait to see what you got :)

  2. I love cornbread and beans so much, sounds amazing! I wonder what are in those boxes…


    I think you should WAIT.

    (Sorry born 9 days after Christmas)
    (Always get Christmas/Birthday combo gifts)
    (Birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas paper)
    (Christmas sweaters for Birthday)
    (Or just 75% off Christmas crap)

    I know, I have issues!

  4. I like to wait. I was born close to Christmas and they always gave me them all at once or made me choose one to wait and they were all wrapped in Christmas paper.

    Hunni never waits and it drives me nuts.

  5. i kid you not i SQUEALED out loud when i thought it was an ice cream maker.. sigh..

  6. I always wait until the right time to open it. And you should get an ice cream maker for real! Space or no space, they rock

  7. I absolutely LOVE random plates like that – your hard boiled eggs look perfect!

    I am impatient, except for Christmas, I usually open presents as soon as I get them!

  8. Beans and corn bread sounds amazing! So southern :)

    Can’t wait to see what your gifts are. I wouldn’t be able to wait until the actual day. I love presents!

  9. haha, i am the worst when it comes to opening presents! i always want to give and open early :)

  10. deviled eggs are amazing.. omg and black beans are the best especially with broccoli. i love that whole plate!!

    o anniversary gifts!!

    i usually wait to open gift gifts but sometimes i sneak a peek! lol <3

  11. Those deviled eggs looked so good that I just ran down to hard boil some eggs of my own to satisfy the craving!

  12. love your eats! I force myself to wait to open gifts but I don´t like it… makes me imaptient and uneasily
    greets from vienna :-)

  13. I always wait until the special day… it just makes the day feel even more special :)

  14. Honey, I never wait. I just can’t!!! :)

    LOVE beans and corn bread – great combo!

  15. Happy early anniversary!

  16. Happy Anniversary!!

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