Lunch on the Run

Today is one of those days where my entire lunch break is filled with errands.

I have to:

  • Return a shirt that’s too big for Nick
  • Drop off our milk bottles
  • Pick up bread that I need for dinner

At least those errands don’t include a trip to the post office!

Lunch today had to be easy and quick since I knew my lunch break would go by fast.

I brought the last of the pork posole soup with some extra broccoli and some cornbread.


I may also get an iced coffee while I’m out ;)


What’s your least favorite errand to run?

I hate having to go to the post office during lunch – it’s always crazy in there.


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  1. I always hated dropping off papers at weird departments over the school year

  2. I hate the post office too. Everyone knows me in there from work and want to talk when I just want to run in and out.

  3. I”m with you on the post office. It always takes forever and it’s kind of out of the way for me.

  4. I really don’t mind any errands I’m able to do in the area of my work over lunch. Fast lunch means faster work day… So I actually try to find more errands to do than I probably need to… weird.

  5. Mmm I love cornbread! I really don’t mind errands, but for some reason I just always put them off and then they turn into these big things that I don’t want to do!

  6. i feel like THERES ALWAYS ERRANDS i need to get done. oh the bank is my least fav..bill bill bills!!! YUK

  7. I usually don’t mind errands that much, but I’m horrible at remembering to bring books back to the library.

  8. The errand I most loathe is having to stop at the supermarket after the gym. I hate being all sweaty and gross and having to run in there, not to mention I just want to get home because I’m starving at that point!

  9. I hate going to the post office too. But I hate getting my oil changed even more. Both of those I have to do this week, hehe.

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