Everything But The…

…4:30 pm dinner.

I’m such an old woman!

It’s 8:45 and I’m already thinking I need to be in bed, but I don’t want to miss seeing who wins Idol and Top Chef doesn’t come on until 10. Too bad I always miss the end of that one, too, because I fall asleep on the couch.

Dinner was awesome!


We made Cuban sandwiches on the dusty old Foreman Grill. Seriously, I don’t think we’d taken it down out of the cabinet over the fridge in 4 years?


I know I didn’t have the right kind of bread, but it was still delicious!

TJ’s Pork Carnitas, Applegate Farms Ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, pickle. Toasted up in the grill.


We had some TJ’s canned Cuban black beans (also tasty!), broccoli, and extra pickles on the side.

And…in true old lady form, my evening “dessert”?


Plain yogurt with some stewed prunes that I made last night.

What? Doesn’t every 26 year old eat stewed prunes? ;) This is actually my first time trying them! I followed the recipe in “A Homemade Life” (cutting out the cinnamon stick) and they smelled amazing simmering away on the stovetop last night.


PS: Nick and I have super fun plans for this Saturday!!! It’s our 6 year wedding anniversary, and I can’t wait.


PPS: Dad – I hope you made it safely! Please give her a hug from all of us. Love you!





  1. I’m an old woman, too, and it feels damn good! :) There’s nothing like a 9:00 bedtime to really make you feel like you’re making the most out of your 20s! That sandwich looks great, and I am very interested to try stewed prunes. How did you make them? Congratulations to you and Nick on your upcoming anniversary!

  2. my grandma eats liek this!! no seriously lol she does, loves yogurt and prunes.. sammies for lunch and totally loves dinner at 4:30. but uno what- we can be old ladies together cuz i love it too!!!!

  3. haha I feel old being a college student and having a 10:30 bedtime..it gets even earlier depending on my schedule. Most people I know are still up at 3 AM after hitting the bars. Glad to see there are plenty more “old” young-uns out there :P

  4. That sandwich looks faaaaaaaab. I really wish I had a foreman grill… I really do. As for those prunes, I’d definitely try them. I used to be so afraid of prunes (bad childhood memories involving prune juice, blaaaah) but I’ve picked up a dried prune habit in the past little while and they are amazing. I support the old ladyiness all the way.

    Have fun on your anniversary, 6 years wow congrats!

  5. Your cornbread looks so good, such a comfort food for me :-) Oh, and no worries, I start thinking of bed around 9 PM pretty much every night haha.

  6. I love early dinners and then early bedtimes…sometimes its just what I need!

  7. Oh I loooove prunes. My friends always make fun of me :)

  8. I’m such an old woman. My brain shuts off at 8:30 and I must be in bed by 10. The worst part? I’m a college student!

  9. ooh, i wanted to try that recipe, so i think it’s awesome :) and cubano’s are amazing!! yours looks especially delicious!

  10. ooo what a great recipe!! hahah i love that you ate at 430 .. thats AWESOME! i felt like i ate soo early tonight too.. i ate before work!

  11. I made it safe and sound, went to dinner with all of the family, i wish you and Nick the very happiest 6 Annv. Love you and miss you both lots


  12. You need thick chewy bread but I’m a go for whatcha got kind of girl.

    Prunes are actually pretty good but I prefer to call them dried plums like all the marketing execs because the thought of what prunes do to ya gives me the willies. :-)

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