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Want to see some of my Trader Joe’s loot?


This is not everything I bought – just a few of our favorites and a couple new items!


We love the TJ’s roasted almond butter with flaxseeds, so I had to pick up the peanut butter version to try. I can’t wait to open it! They were also out of the almond butter :( but we still have some other brands in the house.

I was excited to finally get the Maple Agave blend, but then I saw this:


The first ingredient is sugar! I could have just made my own mix of only maple and agave. Oh well – I think it will be good, but I thought it would just be maple + agave.


The brown rice pasta is also something I haven’t tried before, so we’ll see how that is.

Things I always buy:

  • Spanish Olive Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Kerrygold butter
  • 3 layer hummus

We also bought:

  • 100% Kona coffee
  • 2 containers of the Peaberry coffee
  • 3 of the microwaveable Indian meal packets
  • regular agave
  • avocados
  • Trail mix!


  • Applegate Farms turkey + ham
  • Niman Ranch ham
  • TJ’s bacon
  • Pork Carnitas
  • swiss cheese
  • Cuban style black beans

Can’t wait to dig into everything :)


Is there something I should make sure to buy next time?

If you don’t have a TJ’s, what’s your favorite trail mix combo?


  1. You should definitely try TJ’s chicken sausages – they’re so good and come in so many different varieties!

  2. YUM, that trail mix sounds like a winning combo, I can’t believe I haven’t seen it. I usually just make my own but have bought one with almonds, cashews, chocolate and cranberries I think from there. I also bought that maple agave blend and wasn’t a fan because it was too watery compared to thick agave and didn’t have a real maple test, probably from the cane juice. I think I ended up baking with it instead. I also love the tj’s indian meals for nights where I am rushed and can just bulk them up with some veggies and maybe a grain. I would definitely recommend the smooth and creamy hummus, cheap organic tofu, and the raw creamy almond butter. Sounds like you got some great things though!

  3. Yay for the microwavable Indian packets. Those things can always come through in a pinch.

  4. I love that trail mix too. Check out their Pizzas and Mac & Cheese next time, they are both personal favorites.

  5. I always get their chocolate chips because they’re so perfect for baking. They have sooo much sugar that it lets me cut back in recipes.

    I’ve been fooled by that maple agave in the past, too. I’d rather just use maple syrup now

  6. Ohh that three layer hummus sounds intriguing! Looks like you had a successful shopping trip. :)

  7. Trader Joe’s brand Sun Butter!

  8. i love seeing your loot! i wish i had a TJs! i ALWAYS get their PB&A mix.. it is so good.. like peanut butter and jelly trail mix. umm their flax almond butter is a must for me as well as their picatta simmer sauce, masala & korma simmer sauces and their spinach & chive fettuccine noodles. annnnd their dried white peaches. and any of their coffee. and their gorgonzola crackers. and their dark chocolate crisps. can you tell i am obsessed? oh, their fiber cereal as well as their 9 grain honey almond flax cereal. i could go on.

  9. We don’t have a TJ’s here in Dallas/Ft Worth, but when I lived in New Mexico, I’d always get their dried pineapple rings. They were So. Good. Like a fruit rollup only better because they didn’t add sugar.

  10. I voted for you. I think all their items are generally pretty good. One of my favorites (though not at all interesting) is the Vermont Creamery goat cheese log. I find it more nuanced than othe fresh goat cheese and much more affordable than the same log at WF.

  11. I like the flattened bananas too.

  12. i mso envious, i wish we had a TJ’s here!!! that maple syrup and agave blend would be FABULOUS!!! <3
    j-e-a-l-o-u-s :P

  13. Great loot! I think I have tried most of it before and love it all! :) The maple agave is good so you shouldn’t be disappointed.

  14. next time you have to get their blueberry raspberry muffins. so so so good :) love ’em to death. oh and the pb filled pretzels are to die for!!

    can’t wait to see how you like the pasta!

  15. Hooray for TJ goods. I love their trail mixes and the roasted flaxseed PB – enjoy!!

    PS – I’ve been voting for you! :)

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