How is it Monday already? My days are so confused after this weekend and after watching LOST last night! I woke up thinking it was Wednesday.

And let’s talk LOST for a minute.

Really? Those were the rumors about the show from the very beginning, and I was hoping that the writers would come up with some other ending just to shock people. Guess not. At the end of the 2.5 hours finale last night, I was just laying on the couch saying “Crap, crap, crap”. I loved that show, but the ending was not what I had hoped.

Anyway – at least we stayed up to watch it!

And we got up and tried to go running this morning. We got dressed, stretched, and headed outside. The weather was perfect this morning – not too cool, but not muggy, either. We took off and not 1/4 mile into the run, it started raining.

By the time we had gone about .5 mile, it was coming down hard…so we came back home. Neither one of us had a hat or anything, but I guess we at least got in about 1 mile today.

Of course, now it’s not raining – don’t you hate that?


After I got home last night, I went and bought some groceries, but I couldn’t find any local berries so these are the last few we had in the fridge.


I hope I can get some more today!

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • strawberries
  • cinnamon


Coffee + work are waiting!


How was your weekend?

Did you watch the LOST finale? Thoughts?


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  1. I fell asleep for about an hour during Lost,
    But woke up in time to see the ending.
    I was disappointed too!
    I am still confused?
    I may have to rewatch the whole episode.

    Can you explain?

  2. I have never watched Lost, but I still want to know what happened. I DVRed it and may watch tonight. I’m sure I won’t understand a thing.

  3. I’m not a Lost-er but all this talk makes me intrigued! My brother and boyfriend are both really into it. Pretty oats- I love the polka dot bowl!

  4. My weekend was so packed that I was way too exhausted to watch LOST! Hubby and I tried, but neither of us could keep our eyes open so we decided to turn it off and start over tonight.

    The ending was spoiled for me on the radio this morning (and I thought there was a rumor long ago that the authors promised NOT to end it this way! hmmph.)But hopefully it will still be interesting to watch and see how it all came about.

  5. I never watched an episode, but now you hav me wanting to see how it ended

  6. I thought the ending was a total cop out. I didn’t follow the show religiously, but I was still dissapointed.

  7. i could never get into Lost… it’s always completely confused me. I can’t believe it’s over though!

  8. I think the writers promised that the Island wasn’t purgatory, and that the characters didn’t all die in the plane crash. Which they didn’t. The only thing that was “purgatory”-esque was the sideways world of this season. So they stuck to the letter of their promise if not the spirit.

    I, for one, LOVED the finale. I was never one to care about all of the answers and always enjoyed the show because I loved the characters so much. This episode was a gorgeous swan song for the charaters we’ve loved for all of these years and the relationships they formed. Needless to say, I cried a lot. Ha. If you went in to the finale wanting answers to the mysteries, I can see why it would be really frustrating. I haven’t called my brother, but I’m sure he is furious! He wanted a lot of answers and really got none.

    • I think the finale itself was a GREAT show. I love how they ended it for the characters and brought some peace back to everyone, but the final shot still confuses me. Did everything end with the initial crash? That’s how it seemed to me, but they didn’t clarify that.

  9. I’ve been watching Lost since the beginning. I LOVED the finale.

    Answering your above question about the crash…I took it as everything on the island actually happened. The flashsideways was like purgatory. Everyone went there after they died (some people we saw die on the show, others died sometime later). Once they were all able to remember the island and how much of an impact it and the other people had on them, they were able to move on.

  10. I haven’t watched LOST since the first season but my sibs do so I watched the last episode. I definitely interpreted it like the poster above, that they were in a purgatory like place. I actually cried in the last minute, but anything with a pup gets me really.

    I can’t find local berries yet, ugh!

  11. i did watch and am still confused but i feel satisfied with ending. i’m glad it’s over too, even though i loved the show!

  12. I loved it!

    I saw it as everything on the island was true. Christian said that some died before him and some after. I think the people who left the island on the plane and were still there when he died died after him. That is why Ben stayed outside the church.

  13. I didn’t watch Lost… but I just wanted to say that I love brown rice pasta!!! I like it much more than regular whole wheat pasta. Sometimes it sticks together, but if you drop it in when the water is really boiling and stir it around, that helps (also a drop of oil too helps).


  14. Ahhh!!! I haven´t seen any of season 6 (the whole Mozambique thing…) but sounds like this ending was pretty crazy. Although I can´t imagine a show like LOST getting resolved in a way that actually makes SENSE, let´s be honest! It is the whole appeal and frustration of that show. Crazy though. Cannot wait to watch it next year sometime…

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