Long Day Ahead

Thank you for all the TJ’s suggestions! I’ll have to show you my loot later – I got some of my normal stuff and a few new things that I’m excited about :)

I’ve got a long day today!

I’m about to go say bye to my Mammaw, go to church with my mom and sister, and then out for lunch at one of their favorite spots before I get on the road for 5.5 hours again today.

I miss Nick and Maggie and Roxy so much!!! Can’t wait to see them – AND the LOST finale is on tonight! Too bad I’m an old woman and I’m a little angry that the 2.5 hour show isn’t starting until 9 pm – that is nuts. I can’t stay up that late. I guess we’ll see how far we get in the show.


Thank you for all your votes so far in the Stonyfield Blogger Barnstorming Tour – just 3 more days to vote and then you’ll never have to get a reminder again ;)

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Happy Sunday!


Do you watch LOST?


  1. Have a safe trip back!

  2. I am a huge Lost fan! I’m so upset that it will be all over after tonight :(

  3. I don’t watch lost but my sis and bro definitely do and they love to call and talk to me about it!! ha. Can’t wait to see what TJ’s goods ya got!

  4. oh yes i’m excited about LOST tonight!

  5. Nope, but my brother loves the show!

  6. Thanks to you I’m super addicted to this show and Hunni and I ordered Chinese for dinner so we wouldn’t miss even the recap stuff starting at 7 :-)

    Thanks for this fun addiction :-)

  7. I <3 Lost.

    I flew to Boston this morning for a conf with my boss, hoping and praying we'd get back to our hotel by 7…needless to say I was ecstatic when she suggested we get dinner at 6pm so my belly was filled with yummy PF Changs and got back to the hotel at 7:12………had a slight glitch with the tv, but the hotel fixed and I was back in business!!

  8. i dont watch lost unfortunately. but just wanted to say- have a great night <3

  9. Really excited for Lost too…but I know I won’t make it until 11:30! Good thing we can watch it tomorrow on hulu or abc.com.

    I hit Trader Joe’s 1 or 2 times a week…love their organic red wines, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, tahini for making homemade hummus, sprouted grain waffles, guacamole kits, whole grain pita bread, kettle corn, organic dark chocolate bars…etc, etc.

  10. I’ve been voting for you, Brandi!! I wish you all the best! :D

  11. You have done it once again! Amazing post!

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