Early Bird

6:51 am. This may be earliest post yet.

My mom just hopped in the shower, and, as soon as we’re all ready, we’re going to mozy on down to the hotel breakfast and see what they have to offer before heading back to the coliseum for the rest of the conference today.

Angela Thomas is today!!! We’re sort of like her own traveling fan group – this will be the 4th time we’re seeing her speak live in the past 5 years. We have all her books and she is just precious. If you ever get the chance to see her speak, do it!

And later?

A trip to Trader Joe’s! I brought a cooler with me just for this occasion.

Then dinner with my Mammaw. Should be a fun + busy day – I’ll be back later with a full recap!

Just your friendly reminder to vote today! :)


What are your favorite things from Trader Joe’s – keep in mind that they need to keep in a cooler for a 6 hour ride back tomorrow.

Thanks and Happy Saturday!


  1. TJ’s! Mecca for healthy foodies everywhere!

    Love: any and all trail mix, cashew ginger granola, Greek yogurt

  2. Definitely the creamy sea salted almond butter takes the cake.

  3. I would put in another vote for almond butter for sure… along with their pancake mix and some wine!

    Awesome combination right there… all my vices it seems… ha!

  4. For some reason I am obsessed with the Cats cookies and the honey sesame sticks. The Cats cookies are basically just like graham crackers but with good stats and in really adorable cat shapes and the chocolate flavor is delicious. Plus, it comes in big tubs.

    I HIGHLY recommend grabbing a package of the Honey Sesame Sticks. You won’t regret it!

    Their naan bread is great, too. And their cornbread. And pretty much everything else…

  5. Trader Joe’s has the best sunbutter. My vote is for that.

  6. TJs has good nut butter! Oh, and their hummus is pretty good :D

  7. Trader Joe’s, woo!!! I’m with Amy – you MUST try the almond butter!!!! I have some creamy salted almond butter from TJ’s and I LOVE it!

  8. I love the raw crunchy almond butter, roasted corn, hummus, and pretzel thins covered in dark chocolate.

  9. I love Trader Joe’s! I’ve only been to one twice since they’re nowhere near where I live. Last time I went I got their crunchy peanut butter since I’ve heard so many good things about it. Plus, it’s perfect for traveling since it doesnt have to stay cool.

  10. THEIR ALMOND BUTTER!!!!! I love love love their flaxseed almond butter! I also eat their boxed Indian dishes which are fabulous (the eggplant is my favorite)

  11. I love the raw almond butter & the nuts are pretty well priced. Other staples I get there sometimes are hummus, avocados (cheap…), bananas, flours, maple syrup, organic wine, pastas, olive oil and vinegar. The organic beans are super cheap too.

  12. enjoy breakfast with your mom! <3 love going for breakfast with my momma.. hope u have a LOVELY time <3

  13. I really like their seafood sausages and the marinated ahi tuna steaks. Both frozen, but I moved back from college this summer and mine lasted a good 4 hours in a cooler! I think you’ll make it just fine if you get frozen/refrigerated items!

  14. Hooray for getting to go to TJ’s! I like their almond butter, trail mix, wasabi peas, hummus, greek yogurt, Ezekiel bread, protein powder, almond milk, cereals, AND peanut butter filled pretzels!!

    Can’t wait to see what you end up getting. :)

  15. Simmer sauce, hummus, guacamole, greek yogurt, almond butter, frozen mangos and other fruit, frozen tilapia for fish tacos, homemade tortilla’s, dried fruit + nut mixes, wine, olive oil, even the OO spray is better than average, fresh bread + muffins, flowers! I could go on…..love that store!

  16. Where to begin…no pudge brownie mix, trail mix, steelcut oatmeal (frozen), Vegetable Enchilladas, pizzas, saba noodles, bars…

  17. Let’s see…I know everyone loves their almond butter, but I can’t get enough of their Better’n Peanut Butter. I love also their brown rice tortillas and trail mixes. Oh, and their hummus! Delicious. Enjoy your trip!

  18. The trail mix and flattened bananas are my favorite!! Oh, and the corn salsa, too – we put it in our eggs!
    Have a great day!

  19. I’m glad you enjoyed Trader Joe’s. I’m headed to Philadelphia for a month (and will be in NY on the weekends at my folks’) and I’m looking forward to a little TJ action that I just can’t get my hands on in my neck of the mountains. Raw almond butter and pinon coffee are on my list of arguably-necessary items to procure.
    Have a great week.

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