Monster Salad + Overall Promise

I think I made my biggest salad ever.


I love having salads for meals, especially when the weather is warmer, but I need a hefty one if it’s going to be my entire lunch or dinner!

This monster fills all the requirements:


Over 8 cups of volume.

Protein, veggies, fruit, healthy fats, and delicious!


  • Romaine
  • Spinach
  • Tomato
  • Strawberries
  • Scallions
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Avocado
  • Hard boiled egg
  • salt + pepper

With a salad like this, I don’t even need a dressing! Just mash that avocado around, and it’s perfect.


Have you voted yet today?!?


Rose and I decided that if we get to go, we’ll both wear overalls! Make sure to get over there and vote for us if you want to see it.

I think it would be hilarious. I haven’t worn overalls since high school – and it’s a bit sad that I was still wearing them in high school! Nerd :)

Thank you for all your votes so far! Polls are open until Tuesday, so keep them coming!


Tell the truth: Have you ever worn overalls for normal, daily clothing (aka, NOT working on a farm)?

I thought they were the coolest things in middle school/early high school. In fact, my older sister and I had our own “glamour shot” photo session in our yard with our overalls on. I need to find those pictures…



  1. Serving bowl sized salads are my summer staples. I usually add avocado and hummus to make my dressing with a splash of vinegar.

    I wore overalls all the time in elementary and middle school. I even had overall shorts in different colors. And I never wore them near a farm because that would ruin them.

  2. Beautiful salad! And I was actually JUST looking through old middle school photos, in which I quite often sported the overall look. No shame :)

  3. People who wear overalls = NERDS


  4. Oh, of course! I actually had these royal blue corduroy overalls that I loved. And I had denim overall shorts. The big trend was to wear them with only one strap hooked/buckled. I remember suspenders being in fashion too… for girls.

  5. I would definitely wear overalls when I was in elementary school. I would unclip on of my straps and I thought I was sooo cool.

  6. I have a senior portrait picture in overalls–I think they were even capri length–yikes! I used to love them–they were so comfortable!!

  7. oh my gosh. i would love to see you guys in overalls! they used to be so dang hip.

  8. I love that big fresh salad! So summery.

    I used to have these cute little stripey OshKosh overalls. (Just told Ari, “I want some overalls.” He said: “Agreed.”)

  9. I sure did! Totally rocked out the overalls when they made a very short and unneccessary return to mainstream in middleschool/highschool. I also had overall shorts. Because I was sexy…

  10. NEVER! Ah, you would have to pay me a lot haha!

  11. I remember the overall look back in the 80s…my cousin had them in every color! But I could never find ones that fit my tall frame properly so I never jumped on that fashion trend. :)

  12. I think salads are the perfect palate for a well balanced meal… and they’re so versatile! Oh god, I sound like a bad infomercial for salads. Pardon me.

  13. I totally rocked the overall shorts! AND sometimes wore them with one strap unhooked! NERDx100!!! :)

  14. Overalls!!!!! My roommate was just cleaning out her closet the other day and came out wearing them, wondering why she ever thought they were a good idea to wear ;)

    I love eating huge salads with lost of yummy things in them! Yummmy!!!

  15. i loved my overalls in high school/college. i think they’re still in my closet!

  16. Yup, I wore overalls all the time in college actually. They were so comfy and great just to toss on and head out. :D

    I eat salads for lunch and do the serving bowl thing! I need a big bowl to handle my big A$$ salad!

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