Pancake Repeat

As soon as I saw the nutella-topped pancakes yesterday, I knew I needed to make them for myself again.


I don’t always have egg whites on hand, but I do try to make sure to make these pancakes whenever I do ;)

And melty nutella and fresh fruit are a great way to start the day.


Oatmeal mix:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup egg whites
  • pinch salt
  • cinnamon
  • baking powder

We need more berries! We’re almost out of all the ones I bought this weekend, which is crazy because I bought a ton. Guess I’ll need to get some more.


It’s another dreary, rainy day here – good thing I have fun news for lunch time :)


Where do you get your ideas for meals and recipes? Websites? Other blogs? Magazines? What are your favorites?


  1. I get most of my ideas from other blogs. But it seems the majority of the ones I try are for breakfast foods… which is funny.

  2. oh ur pancakes turned out REALLY GOOD (ur food always does may i add)… looks so pretty and yummy!

    i think i usually google search recipes.. blogs obviously too! hmm yea i think the combo of the two.. and then i kind of swing it and make my own as well which is fun. i would say the inspiration comes from peoples posts cuz then im like “oh i want to make that”
    my fav are muffin recipes for sure!


  3. I get most of my ideas from TV shows and a few from blogs. Some I just make up in my weird mind.

  4. I make up a lot of recipes, I guess by a variety of influences and also just based on flavors I know I love.

  5. I need to try these! I always have egg whites on hand and these would have been the perfect thing this dreary, rainy NYC morning!

    I get ideas from blogs (of course), magazines – I love Food & Wine and Everyday Food…and my cookbook collection!

  6. I get many of my ideas from other blogs. My recent favorites: gluten-free coconut flour pancakes (from; baked beans and sweet potatoes (from; and the idea of a fresh fruit “compote” with fruit and almond milk (from I also love finding new recipes at Epicurious and CookingLight.

  7. And now I think I need to make them for MYSELF! lol
    I definitely get a lot of ideas from other blogs and some websites–love looking in magazines as well!

  8. NUTELLA is heaven…I am hoping to make my own version when I get home! Sounds like a delish breakfast lady! I usually bookmark blogs or sites like epicurious. I also refer to my cookbooks as much as possible too!

  9. I usually get my recipes from other blogs, or I take a classic from my mom and “healthify” it

  10. I’m loving blogs, the cook book section at the library and the cook book section and barnes and noble. I’ve been living there since going vegetarian as to not get bored.

  11. I’m on a pancake kick recently! And now that I’ve been seeing so much Nutella goodness, I want to go on a Nutella kick! Nothing better in the morning :)

  12. I can’t believe how easy peasy your pancake recipe is! I love catching wind of new recipes on blogs, and I’m also a huge fan of eating well magazine and cooking light :)

  13. I am inspired by blogs, cookbooks and just the things I eat.

    Hoooray for nutella on pancakes. I miss nutella. being dairy free sucks sometimes :D

  14. nutella = life. the rest is just details.

    i think i get my recipes from a mix of everything – blogs, cookbooks, TV, my own imagination, family recipes – it helps spice things up!

  15. mmm pancakes :) I had panackes this morning with banana mixed in (I prefer it that way rather than sliced on top!) and syrup mixed with PB2. Awesome!

    Besides blogs, my favorite recipe sources are and

  16. Pancakes and nutella…bliss.
    I love reading blogs for inspiration, and I often visit tastespotting and foodgawker for some yummy ideas too.

  17. CONGRATS on the stoneyfield finalist :) i just voted for you!!!

  18. my stomach directs what gets mixed together and created

    your plates are trippy; it make the pancake look that much better

  19. That looks really great! I get my ideas from recipes/websites/blogs and my good old brain. :-)

  20. a combo of tv shows, blogs, cookbooks, and magazines. and what others make. and restaurants. god, what DON’T i get my ideas from?!?!

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