Maggie the Menace

Whew – what a day!

Thank you SO much for your votes so far!!! I’m so excited about the Barnstorming Tour and am crossing my fingers that I get to go. I think it would be an amazing trip, and the fact that Stonyfield will also be donating to the winner’s choice of charities? Awesome.

Hooray for learning more and giving back!


Lunch today was leftovers from our lunch on Sunday –


I made a dish with whole wheat gnocchi, rainbow chard (from the farmer’s market), white beans, and tomatoes, so Nick and I both had those leftovers today. I also had some broccoli, but my camera ate the picture?

During our lunch break, we went and bought our tomato plants! I’m SO excited – we got some great heirloom varieties. Ever since I had that tomato yesterday, I’ve been craving them like crazy. I’m ready for tomato season already! I already had summer tomato recipes rolling around in my head during lunch…

Work finally slowed down today and I took advantage by digging into a good snack and some girl talk at work.


Do you like the people you work with? I’m good friends with a few of my coworkers and that definitely helps the days go faster.

And then Nick and I came home to Maggie the Menace.

I don’t know what is going on with her! She is so incredibly crazy lately and not listening to us at all.

Yesterday she chewed up a cookbook, and tonight she took a journal off the table and completely ripped the cover off.


Seriously. Do puppies go through this second crazy phase before they calm down? She was doing so well, and then bam – she’s nuts this week!

Thankfully, dinner was easy. We heated up leftovers from last night and ate dinner pretty fast so we could take Maggie on a walk to burn off some of that energy.


Leftovers really do save my days sometimes. There’s no way I could have cooked tonight and dealt with Maggie and her crazy antics.

We just got back from our walk, and I’m about to dig into this local ice cream (from the same place as our milk!) and get ready for LOST.





  1. Local and black raspberry?! That sounds perfect!

  2. Sorry maggie is so crazy! Lost and ice cream should make everything better :-)

  3. Rufio has his moments, even though he is 2 and completely trained. He also has a crazy hour every night or so. I call it “Puppy Witching Hour”

  4. oooh local black raspberry ice cream – YUM!

  5. Hhaha I love how Maggie kind of sounds like a child.

  6. Maggie sounds lonely. Perhaps she’ll calm down again soon.

  7. Congrats on the Barnstorming Tour finalist deal. And I wouldn’t read too much into Maggie’s behavior- sometimes, I think the inner animal just becomes more pronounced :)

  8. raspberry ice cream? want!

  9. that scoundrel! was that the bread book we got at FB?!

  10. Oh yes, teenage years? Dogs have two crazy chewy phases and the last one is right before they reach adulthood. The best thing to do is always keep her in sight, she shouldn’t be allowed alone until she’s out of the phase. Lots of proper chew toys and things around that she is allowed to chew on.

    And play! A worn out dog is a good dog. Promise. :D /dognerd

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