Beggin’ for Barnstormin’

I can’t believe it – I’m a finalist!!!



Stonyfield is holding it’s first-ever Blogger Barnstorming Tour this summer, and I was chosen as one of the top ten finalists!

But I need YOUR help!

Only 3 bloggers will actually get to go on the trip, and that depends on how many votes we can get.

You can vote here! And since you can vote once per day per email address, I’ll probably have a shameless plug in every post until May 25th when voting is closed :)


Besides being able to take the trip and learn more about organic dairy practices, Stonyfield is also going to donate $5,000 to the charity of choice for each of the 3 winners, which is just amazing.

The charity I chose is Feeding America, which provides funding and assistance to food banks in the US. Food banks in our country have been hit hard by the struggling economy, and I know that $5,000 could make a big difference in how many families they could feed in this area.


Vote here to get me into the Barnstorming Tour!

I’d love to be able to attend the trip, learn more about Stonyfield and their practices, and be able to report back to all of you!


Speaking of Stonyfield, what’s your favorite product?

I love Oikos, obviously, but my other favorite yogurt is their Chocolate Underground. So delicious!


  1. How cool! I just voted :) I love oikos too. I did find the maple vanilla yesterday and it is super yummy too!

  2. This is awesome! I will definitely be voting for you! :)

    I love Chocolate Underground too! And the French Vanilla.

  3. I voted twice
    (2 email accounts)

  4. Okios. That is the best Greek yogurt I’ve found yet.

    I’ve voted. You remind me every day when I open your blog and I’ll vote every day. ;-) Good luck!

  5. Ahhh so exciting!! I am totally voting for you! And I love the Oikos.

  6. Voted!!

    Way exciting. I think you would be perfect for this, being local and organic conscious as you are :)

    P.S. That potato/chicken meal from last night = heaven! I just made a new potato salad: I love those things so much!

  7. I’ll vote for you every day! I just set myself a “task” to remind myself. I have THREE email address – woot!

    Good luck!

  8. I voted. I work about 10 minutes from the Stonyfield factory, so I really think my vote should count for more. I really like their fat free vanilla when I’m not eating Greek yogurt.

  9. Definitely voting for you tomorrow. I already used my vote for today but you got it tomorrow girl! Congrats!

  10. no problem, self promotion is necessary at times hehe. hope you win it!!

  11. Congrats B!!! You know you have my vote!!!

  12. Congrats for being one of the finalists!!!

  13. Congratulations! Just voted for you. I’ll try to remember to go back every day and vote again. Hope you win!!

  14. How fun Brandi! I will definitely cast my vote in your direction :-)

  15. I just came across your blog, but wanted to say thanks for choosing Feeding America as your cause! I volunteer at a food bank affiliated with Feeding America and donations are really down. This will make a huge difference! Good luck!!

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