MexiEggs + Local ‘Maters

No change in the weather so far. Still raining and gray outside :(

The only good thing about that is it keeps Maggie from wanting to go outside all the time.


She’s been napping the morning away, and I wish I could join her! But work is going well for a Monday, so I can’t complain.

We had tacos last night and whenever I have beans, corn, and avocado in the fridge, it means one thing.


A bowl of MexiEggs!


Today’s bowl was:

  • 1/4 cup oatbran cooked with salt + water
  • fat free refried beans
  • corn
  • 2 over easy eggs with ancho chile powder
  • tomato
  • avocado
  • salsa


I also had a small salad on the side to use up some lettuce I cut up last night.


Romaine, red onion, scallion, corn, more tomato, and avocado with just a little lime juice + salt for “dressing”.


The most exciting part of lunch? This tomato I found in the grocery store this weekend!

With my recent goal of buying local as much as possible and in-season, I figured I would be without tomatoes for another month or so. But I saw these Gritt’s Hydroponic tomatoes in the store that were labeled “local”, and that was enough for me to throw 3 in my shopping cart.

When I looked it up today, I found out that the farm is in West Virginia, just a hop-skip-jump from us.

Thank goodness for a good tomato just before the season hits – and even better that it’s local! We live just 20 minutes from WV, so that’s just as close as what I get at the market here.


The only “bad” thing about lunch? I broke one of my egg yolks, which means one won’t be a good runny egg like I like ‘em.

Is breaking an egg yolk a sign of bad luck? I hope not!


Back to work – – –


  1. i am getting SO excited for fresh produce stands to open around here! i love local crops :) i also love maggie and mexi eggs!

  2. That tomato looks great! So cool that it’s so close to your home! :)

  3. That’s great that you found some local tomatoes! I remember doing a hydroponic project in high school–that’s pretty cool!
    HAHA I think you’re good…never heard anything about eggs and bad luck!

  4. id say breaking a yolk is A GOOD SIGN… but i just made that up right now.. so im not sure lol. oh and how fabulous was that little tomato! to think.. one little tomato can bring so much love to a meal. YAY LOCAL PRODUCE!!

  5. I love when our dogs just stare at the rain like they expect it to bend to their will and stop :-)

    Your eggs look like something I will be making up for a quick and easy dinner soon.

  6. aw, love maggie :) i’d sleep the morning away too if i could! horray for local maters!! i can’t wait for “summer” :)

  7. I think that sounds like good luck! I like my yolks cooked :)

    I love avocado and eggs together!

  8. I don’t even like tomatoes, and that one looks delicious! What a creative meal idea :)

  9. I just got some eggs from my aunt and they are beauties! I love local tomatoes, that hydroponic one looks amazing!

  10. Wow- your MexiEggs look delicious. I need to make savory oats again soon.

    Hooray for local produce. I am all about eating more local, seasonal foods. They taste better, are often cheaper, and support local businesses – what more could you ask for? :)

  11. The Cherokee purple tomatoes should be coming out in a month or so – West Virginia-near-the-VA-line is full of ’em, and a lot of the Floyd farms grow them too. So pretty!

  12. Sometimes I would just love to be a dog at times where homework is getting insane, a few tests every day, and I have to get an internship this summer! Arg.

  13. hanover tomatoes are THE BEST! i don’t care what anybody says :)

    local food always tastes best, no?

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