A Man’s Meal

Nick definitely enjoyed dinner tonight.

As soon as he saw it, I think his exact words were, “Roasted potatoes and roast chicken? This is my kind of meal!”


This cabbage salad is a spin-off of a recipe in Food Matters.

It’s just a mixture of green and red cabbage, yellow and red pepper, red onion, celery, olive oil/lemon juice/dijon mustard/honey, salt, pepper, parsley, and some sunflower seeds for extra crunch.

I let the salad sit and soften up while the free range chicken and potatoes roasted away in the oven.


I love hands-on recipes in the kitchen, but some nights, I just want something I can throw in the oven and forget about for an hour. And today was one of those days.

Maggie is apparently going through her terrible-twos. She’s been driving us crazy the past couple of days and being extremely stubborn. After disciplining her all day, working for 8 hours, and just dealing with a crummy rainy day, a meal that basically cooks itself was definitely what I needed tonight.

And it was delicious.


And tiny, whole roasted potatoes? One of my favorite things. I should make them more often.

Exciting news coming tomorrow – and I’ll need YOUR help, so get ready! :)

I’ve got 3 minutes until HIMYM is on!!!


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  1. There is something so comforting about chicken and potatoes!

  2. OH I LOVE EXCITING NEWS! ur such a tease tho haha <3 love itttt.
    mmm a mans meal fit for a woman. YUMMY

  3. A real “meat and tatters” kind of meal! Any boys dream.

    Can’t wait for the news !!

  4. I threw broccoli, gardein tenders and tater tots in the oven for dinner. So easy and no stirring.

  5. Can’t wait for the news. Sorry Maggie is being difficult!

  6. Mmm I would so eat that, too, if I were in Nick’s shoes!

  7. Roasted potatoes are my favorite! They are so easy to make, and go well with so many things. I can’t wait for your exciting news tomorrow! :) Enjoy your evening. I hope the weather clears up!

  8. dangit, i was thisclose to buying food matters last night! i totally should have. can’t wait for the news!

  9. i think everything mini and roasted is out of this world :) ooh, i’m all for exciting news!

  10. I mean what is more delicious and comforting after a long day
    than roast chicken? This looks delish – and I love the colorful cabbage slaw – yummy!!

  11. i love tiny potatoes! this really is a man’s meal, lol – my boyfriend would love it if I cooked like that more often.

  12. I actually love a meal that consists of meat and potatoes as well, and coleslaw makes everything better!

  13. Oh i hear you about Maggie.. My puppy lily is doing something similar. so frustrating. they are lucky they re cute.

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