Saturday Morning Timeline

Sourdough Saturday is back!

I’ve been slacking on my sourdough lately and decided we needed to have some pancakes this morning.

How’s this for a Saturday morning?

6:14 am: Up and out of bed – no alarm clock. Just awake because of Maggie and sunlight.

7:26 am: Coffee is brewing in the syphon.


7:29 am: First of the batter goes into the hot cast iron pan. Seriously. Use cast iron for pancakes! Yes, it takes much longer to make a batch of pancakes, but they get this crust on the outside that you can’t get any other way.


7:50 am: Sit down to pancakes, apple, milk, and coffee.


I love having a glass of milk with pancakes or waffles. There’s just something comforting about sitting in your pajamas with a cold glass of milk and maple syrup-drenched bites of fluffy pancakes.


Plus, I got to use my new mason jar mug :) We got these last weekend at the BrewRidge Festival at Mountain Lake. It’s the perfect size for a glass of milk, too.


And any morning with my favorite coffee mug is a good one.

I actually bought this mug from PotteryStuff (a local artist!) a few years ago and gave it to my Pampaw for a Christmas gift, but my Mammaw let me have it back after he passed away. She doesn’t drink coffee and wouldn’t have used it, and I’m so happy to have it in the house. I think of him every time I use it.


Maggie’s curled up in Nick’s lap, and I’m about to get in the shower for my normal Saturday routine:

  • Call my mom on the way to town for our Saturday morning phone call
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Grocery Store
  • Back home for who knows what!

What would be your perfect Saturday? Meals, activities?



  1. Agree, cast iron is a must for pancakes! Sounds like a great saturday lady, have a good one!

  2. That’s a very sweet story about your mug! It makes it that much more special :)

  3. Mine would definitely involve the farmer’s market. I can’t wait until the ones near me open up!

  4. I seriously love that mug, too cute.

  5. this post = the epitome of a perfect breakfast. Wishing you a merry saturday, Brandi!

  6. I love that mug too. It is a great memory.

    I need to find time to hit the farmer’s market today too. I hope it has more than just flowers like last week.

  7. saturdays are always gorcery shopping and errands, but its my fav day cuz i get to spend it with my mom hehe :)

    omg that cup is hilarious! the big teeth!! bbbaha ha!

    im so envious of ur perfect pancakes.. nothing is supposed to be perfect, but obvious the exception to the rule is your pancakes!!! <3 with syrup of course ;)

  8. Perfect Saturday = sunny morning, awesome breakfast, some sort of physical activity, relaxing afternoon, and dinner/drinks with friends and family.

  9. Sounds like an awesome Saturday! On Saturdays, I usually wake up fairly early and go to the gym with my mom. Since I moved back to the same city as her, it’s become our Saturday tradition to do gym and lunch. I love it! When she’s not in town, I love going for a long bike ride with my boyfriend and then making a huge salad for lunch. Perfection!

  10. Well, I slept in, went to a big buffet breakfast, and will spend the rest of the day cheering on my teammates. Sounds pretty perfect to me!

  11. I agree- milk is a must with pancakes! This sounds like a wonderful morning!

  12. That syphon! I’ve never seen such a thing…looks pretty cool.
    We had Saturday pancakes today, too :)

  13. What is your secret to using your cast iron pan for pancakes? I can never get mine right. Either I burn them or they dry out while cooking over a lower heat. Any suggestions?

    • I know how you feel! I usually start it out on a medium-high heat and then have to adjust it while cooking. The first one is always trash and the first couple after that are often darker than I want on the outside (but still not burnt). By the time I’m cooking the second half of the batter, I have it at a good heat where they brown but not too much :)

  14. The syrup shot – so perfect!! Your mug reminds me of those faces that you can put on the sides of trees. It’s quirky and cute!
    My perfect Saturday always involves a good gym session, a crepe and oatmeal breakfast with my hubby and some time spent doing something new. Those Saturdays don’t happen often, but I love when they come along!

  15. The pancakes look and sound great!

    Perfect Saturday: Early morning workout, Farmers’ Market, healthy lunch, afternoon in the park with the toddler.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

  16. Mason jars and face mugs – signs of Appalachia!
    Sourdough pancakes are my favorite – when I migrated to Wyoming after college, there was a local place called Jedediah’s that made an amazing version – I considered working there just for that perk.

  17. I actually had my perfect Saturday yesterday–beautiful sunshine, 80 degree weather, bikeride, bbq, and a good book! Glad to hear you enjoyed your day as well!

  18. Cast Iron is the BEST for pancakes!! I remember my great-grandmother always making them in a cast iron skillet.. I’ve never had a better pancake than those.

  19. i’m so impressed with the coffee syphon! wow!

  20. coooking, sun, relaxing with bf and puppy.

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