Real Food, Fast

I’m so glad you guys enjoyed the first Behind the Blog post! I can’t wait to see all the answers – it’s so fun to get to know other bloggers a little better.

Lunch today was crazy again. We came home to check on Maggie, so we were scrambling to throw something together.

I made Nick a sandwich, only to find out that the bread was bad :\ We somehow managed to rummaged together some food to get us through the afternoon.


I made myself a salad with some spinach, red onion, sweet potato, and hummus. Really – try some sweet potato and hummus together! It’s my new favorite combo.


And since we still have a ton of yogurt, I put together a yogurt bowl to take back to work with me with some cinnamon and these awesome blueberries.

IMG_9199 (2)

I bought these blueberries from Blue Mountain Organics a few weeks ago and finally remembered I had them in the fridge. They almost have the texture of a dried blueberry, but much softer. They were super sweet, too, which is what I like in a yogurt mix-in. Since greek yogurt is already so tart, I need to have something to balance it out.

IMG_9201 (2)

Dinner tonight comes courtesy of Mikie’s 7th, our local restaurant. I ordered a pizza right before we left work so it was ready for us to pick it up on the way home!

My plate looks totally random, but I was just too lazy to get stuff out to make a salad :) The veggies were already cut, so I grabbed a bunch of celery and broccoli, added a dollop of hummus, and called it dinner!

Veggies are veggies, right?

And I definitely went back for one more slice of pizza.

IMG_9203 (2)

Even with a crazy and rushed day, we still ate real foods. No frozen meals, no fast food. It can be done!


I think we’re going to put in a movie.

It’s time to unwind from this week – it’s been a doozy.



  1. Yes! I think it’s so possible to eat good on the go and what a great showing of that. I like larabars just in case I need something. Fruits and nuts–how could that be better?

  2. Sounds like a perfect night to me! Enjoy it girl.

  3. Those blueberries sound GOOD!! And the pizza.. oh yum! I’ve been craving pizza!

  4. Your sweet potato and hummus salad looks so colorful and tasty! Hope you have a nice relaxing night :)

  5. I love sweet potato and hummus combo. I saw it on your blog and do it usually in a wrap combo.

  6. Sweet potato and tahini is my post-8:00 Bikram class staple. Ready in ten minutes and I’m not attempting to eat my elbow two hours later. Hummus would be the natural next step!

  7. wow and good for you too for pairing raw veggies with the pizza!! <3 that really looks good but also healthy.. and normally pizza and healthy dont really go together, but it works in this situation!

    have a wonderful, fulfilling, beautiful weekend!!

  8. Veggies are definitely veggies. Looks like you have a very balanced meal. Perfect for the summertime :)

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