Seedy Surprise

Thursday is such a tease.

So close to Friday, but it’s not Friday. I always get so excited for the weekend and then remember that I still have one day to go.

But good food makes up for it, I guess.


I had one of my new favorites: hummus on a sweet potato.


Yuh-um. Have you tried this yet? The sugary, mushy potato is so good with super creamy and garlicky hummus.

Like peas in a pod! Or pb&j. They should always be together.

I also had an old favorite on my salad today.


Sunflower seeds! I haven’t had sunflower seeds in years, probably. And that is too long to go without.

I was seriously addicted to sunflower seeds one summer. I remember having my mom buy those big bags of the sunflower seeds still in the shell so I could have them for snacks. There were a few times I sat on the floor in our den, bag by my side and bowl in my lap, eating my way through the bag in just a few days. My lips and fingers would hurt so bad from the salt and have that I-sat-in-the-hot tub-too-long pruney look, but I just didn’t care. So. addicting.

They’re much more fun to eat out of the shell, but still delicious on a salad.


They’re the perfect little salty addition to my romaine, carrots, red onion, and cilantro.

I’ve got some puppy-related errands to run at lunch today:


Somebody keeps destroying her toys and now has nothing to play with.

And we can’t have that.



  1. Thursday IS such a tease. I really need a weekend. And then I remember, “tomorrow is friday!” And THEN I remember that I have to work Saturday AND Sunday all day. Good feelings gone! :)

  2. Maggie needs a KONG toy.

    They are industructible.
    (and you could put peanut butter in it)

    • We actually have one Kong, but she loses interest easily :) It IS indestructible, though.

  3. Hmm I just devoured a giant sweet potato with banana and pb and now I’m kind of wishing I’d tried the hummus thing. Next time!

  4. Ooh hummus and sweet potato?! What a great idea. Coincidentally I love both of those things =D

  5. I actually buy stuffed animals at garage sales and thrift stores for about .25 cents each – our dog Ed plays with them like a friend for a few days, then one day we’ll walk into the living room and all the stuffing and the eyes have been removed!

    Funny thing – he keeps all the “carcasses” in his cage. A couple times we’ve woken up to ALL the dead animals all over the living room – we are talking about 50 dead stuffed animals!!

    Friday is almost here!

  6. sweet ‘tato and hummus is comparable to pb&j?! in that case – I must try!

  7. Hummus on a sweet potato? One food combo I have not tried, but now it’s on my list! Sounds awesome! :)

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