Rest My Eyes

I hate when I’m not hungry for an afternoon snack, but I want one anyways. Since I wasn’t craving anything in particular, I ended up not having anything at all. Too bad that nutella banana bread was already gone ;)

Dinner tonight was trials of some new recipes I had rattling around in my head – both turned out great!

I’ll be putting up the recipes soon – I’m honestly just tired of looking at my computer today and there’s a puppy waiting to cuddle!






I’ve been staring at the computer for about 10 hours today, and it’s time to rest my eyes.



  1. This happens to me all the time. Most days, I just eat my afternoon snack even if I am not hungry for it because it’s there and I brought it and I feel like I would be wasting it. Other days, its out of pure boredom. I hate when people say not to eat for boredom. Heck, my afternoon snacks are what I truly look forward to in the work day! ;) Otherwise, after lunch would be just awful if I had nothing to look forward to!

  2. Your dinner looks amazing – can’t wait for the recipes/hear what it is! Good for you for taking a “night off,” though. Have a good night :)

  3. i’m that way at 10pm, right before bed, usually – i always want something!

  4. Nutella banana bread. I have a ton of dumpstered, highly ripe bananas, and Nutella is always a worthy investment. Do tell, do tell.

  5. OH YUM!!!!! <3 this made me laugh cuz i hate it when im not hungry but i really wanty something to snack on. lol.

  6. I definitely feel this way a lot too..too much food thinking, too much computer screen observing…

  7. Haha, I’m usually never hungry in mid-afternoon, but I snack anyway just to pass the time…besides, I automatically crave something, probably because I am so used to mid-afternoon snacks!

  8. Can’t wait to see the recipe for this! And I would say I know what you mean about the afternoon snack… but I have the opposite problem. I always want more than one snack!!

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