Honey and Jam

This week is flying by! I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, but I am ready for the weekend. We’ll be taking it easy since Maggie isn’t supposed to play too rough yet – I imagine a trip to the farmer’s market, an easy Saturday morning at home, and lots of small things around the house.

Breakfast was so good yesterday, we wanted the same thing again.


I cut the veggies and fruit – Nick scrambled and made coffee.


Toppings today: Honey & Jam.


Our scrambles had:

I also tried to get pictures of Roxy this morning, but I don’t think she likes the camera.



Girl on a mission.


What’s your favorite toast / biscuit topping?

Jam, honey, pb, cinnamon?

Growing up, I loved cinnamon sugar toast and cheese toast.

I would put a slice of cheese on bread, stick it in the toaster oven, and let it go until the corners were bubbly and burnt…just a little. Those corners were the best part!


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  1. Looks like a great tasting balanced breakfast!

  2. Peanut butter and banana for toast; for a biscuit – nothing! I love them plain. :)

  3. Nothing beats cinnamon sugar toast! I butter bread, add cinnamon and sugar, and broil it. Soo yummy!

  4. My favorite was honey and just a smidge of butter. I learned to eat them that way in Germany and it is the best.

  5. peanut butter

  6. Cream cheese and jam!

    I never think to put honey on stuff for some reason. I need to fish it out of the cupboard.

  7. Biscuits with butter!! So delicious!! But for toast I like orange marmalade…yum yum.

  8. I love a bit of butter, honey and jam. I usually put about 5 different things on it so I get to maximize tastes!

  9. AHHHH YOUR BISCUITS!!! i am in love. literally, i just caught up on like 6 posts and have an extreme hankering for a yummy biscuit slathered with buttah. plain ol’ regular buttah.

    yayyyy for friday! i am so ready for it, its not even funny. happy thursday dear brandi – and i should have the behind the blog questions to you tonight!

    love ya!

  10. I forgot about cheese toast! I used to eat that all the time as a kid–usually with Velveeta cheese!

  11. It totally depends on my mood! I usually just go with peanut butter, but sometimes love a little butter and jam :) Your breakfast looks fabulous!

  12. I love honey butter as a topping myself, or any interesting compound or flavored butter for that matter. Yum. I’m heading to the farmer’s market too this weekend. It is the first Saturday it is outdoors so I cannot wait.

  13. I actually like butter with jam, and butter with honey on toast and bread. It’s the perfect combo!

  14. O,
    I love reading the comments,
    never thought of cream cheese and jam!

  15. Your breakfast looks amazing!

    I just bought some pineapple jelly last week and tried it out on toast yesterday – it is quite delicious!

    My absolute favorite topping is butter & cinnamon sugar!

  16. What a healthy and beautifully portioned breakfast. I say jelly for biscuits!

  17. Mmmm I used to love cream cheese and Jelly on my toast! SO.GOOD!

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