A Full Day

Looks like I’ll be posting a full day of food in one shot! It’s been a busy day, with our lunch break a bit more hectic than normal, so I didn’t even have time to turn on my laptop.

Let’s dig in.


Nick made us some veggie + Applegate Farms ham egg scrambles this morning, topped with cilantro.


While he cooked the eggs, I toasted biscuits and sliced strawberries. We make a great breakfast team ;) Plus, it’s our favorite meal to cook!

After a full morning of work and coffee, we headed home for lunch.

Normally, we do not drive home for lunch because our house is 25 minutes from work and the drive alone takes up almost all of our lunch break.

But we really wanted to check on Maggie and let her out for a bathroom break, so we did it anyways.


Nick had some leftover chili, and I heated up a bunch of random stuff – it turned out pretty good! And it filled me up.


Let’s see – I had some green beans, broccoli, and then some leftover kidney beans mixed with one of those Trader Joe’s Indian mixes with lentils and beans.

All topped with cilantro because I love it.


I don’t always pack a “lunch dessert” and I’m usually okay not having one if it’s not sitting there, staring at me.

But I had to grab the last slice of the banana bread. Mostly because I didn’t want it go bad.


Seriously – if you like Nutella, you need to try this recipe.

I saved those melty nutella bites for last!

Work was good and busy. Really busy.

I had to make myself a list of the things I needed to get done TODAY and I was able to cross everything off! I love when that happens.

In fact, sometimes I make lists just so I can cross things off. Sometimes, my lists include things like “get groceries”, “bake cookies”, and “pack lunch”. I like to feel like I’ve accomplished something at the end of the day and this is my easy way to do that. Is that weird? It works for me.

Dinner was leftovers from last night, and the stroganoff reheated beautifully!


I added just a touch of water and 1 tsp of half and half to help keep it creamy and rich.


We also had salads with romaine, carrot, red onion, and a homemade dressing.


Maggie sighting!

She’s doing great after the surgery, thank goodness. She’s even more cuddly if that’s possible.

After a full day of good food + work, I’ve got a full night of mindless tv watching + reading. And I’m excited about it.

ANTM – ridiculous, but I still love it.

American Idol – eh…we’ll flip during this one or I’ll read until they finally announce the person leaving. Does anyone else hate that they drag it out for AN HOUR? It takes 2 minutes.

Top Chef Masters – makes me sad I didn’t go to cooking school. They’re so creative and inspiring!



  1. Ahh I can’t wait to watch Top Chef Masters! I haven’t had FN in sooo long.
    Yummy day! Except I can’t stand cilantro, but that’s just me.

  2. I am kicking myself for not making that nutella bread today! It (still) looks to die for!! It’s up next in my baking queue :)

  3. Wow – your breakfast has got me salivating over here! Everything looks so delicious :) And yes, that bread does look amazing. Definitely shouldn’t be left to go bad ;)
    Glad Maggie is doing well – can’t get over her cuteness.

  4. I have been drooling over that banana bread all day! I just keep thinking that I can’t wait until my bananas get ripe enough to make a loaf.

    I am so glad Maggie is feeling okay. I would have driven home too to check on my baby! ;)

  5. u eat so well. every time i come here im in a food envy. how great was that breakfast and lunch. i would give anythnig to have u make my meals! no joke :)

  6. I LOVE banana bread with Nutella!!! I so want a piece right now….

  7. so glad to hear maggie’s doing okay and is a cuddle bunny!!!

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