Biscuit Bob and Bran

Nick’s Dad is the Biscuit Master.


We talked about possibly making pancakes this morning, but with Nick and Bob involved, biscuits almost always win.

And I got a great biscuit lesson! There were definitely things I wasn’t doing before, and I got some of Biscuit Bob’s great tips to use from now on with my own biscuit baking.


What is it about biscuits right out of the oven?

It just makes the morning feel magical, doesn’t it? All of a sudden, this rainy Tuesday morning felt more like a Saturday – which just made it a bit sad that I had to go to work – but either way!

Fresh biscuits for breakfast are one of my favorite ways to start the day.

I had mine with some Crofter’s jam + honey butter, plus some strawberries we split between the three of us.


But the best part about learning how to make biscuits is that Bob is teaching me how to make amazing biscuits using my senses – not a recipe. Yes, we basically know how much flour and butter we used, but we didn’t measure anything this morning.

I’m learning how to tell by the look and feel of the dough if they need something else or if they’re ready to go in the oven.

And that’s the neatest thing. He learned by watching his dad make biscuits, and now I’m learning from watching him.

What a great thing to pass on in the family.


*I’m going to pick up Maggie today!!!! We were so lonely last night without her :(


Does your family have any special recipes, dishes, or techniques that are passed on to the next generation?

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  1. No family recipes here, but now I want to be a part of yours so I can have a biscuit

  2. Probably Trifle for breakfast on xmas :)

  3. Sounds like you had a great biscuit learning lesson–thanks for sharing! :o)

  4. Seriously, you have me craving biscuits again…sounds like such a great experience to be learning from someone with passed down techniques. I can’t think of a family recipe or dish that is that significant unfortunately, but my mom always made fresh pesto every summer with basil from the garden or farmers market. She never measured those simple ingredients.

  5. my nanny’s (and now my mom’s) trick to making perfect mashed potatoes w/out lumps every time!

  6. Yum! I had a bite of biscuit this past weekend that was so delicious, it has me craving them (and scones!).

    My mom and I make caramel pecan rolls every winter. Love them!

  7. My mom makes some special dishes and desserts that I definitely want to learn because they are seriously the best thing ever :)

  8. Oh yum! I wish my morning started with a freshly baked biscuit…so delicious…! My mom’s recipes are definitely my favorite – her curries, stews and brownies are staples in my life!

  9. We have a family cookie recipe that is like that. You just have to know or it doesn’t work.

    Glad you got the fun of learning that.

  10. oh its like intuitive baking! i love it!! yea im bad with recipes.. i usually fly off on some tangent and end up creating my own hehe

  11. Mmm, I haven’t had a biscuit in so long. I don’t even remember! My boyfriend really wants me to make him biscuits and gravy. I guess I need to find a good recipe!

  12. Hm, well my mom makes persimum pudding and the recipe is from her mom so that is our tradition which she cooks up at holidays. I have never made biscuits, looks good!

  13. I’m normally not a huge biscuit fan but I bet these would make me reconsider!! My mom has an amazing carrot cake recipe. I’ve yet to try my hand at it though.. don’t wanna mess with perfection! ;)

  14. Biscuits can make a great start to any day!!!

  15. Mmm. I love biscuits. Don’t think I’m quite to the point where I could bake some intuitively, but I’ll definitely be on a search for a good recipe! :)

  16. Wow, that’s awesome that you didn’t need to measure anything! The sign of a true baker ;) I’ve always wished I could do that.

  17. My mom has her secret chocolate chip cookies recipe and it contains a few items that many people would not think to add to the recipe!! I would be willing to give it to you for the biscuit recipe!!

    • You’ve got a deal! :) And I promise to not give away your family cookie recipe on the blog :)

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