Taco Taco Taco

Well, today’s been fun!

I packed one of my new favorite yogurt bowls for a snack today with strawberries, cinnamon, flax, and pecan meal.IMG_9192

Nick’s dad is in town for work and is staying with us tonight so we decided to have dinner out.

Too bad our first 3 choices were CLOSED! Are restaurants just not open on Mondays?

We finally found an open restaurant – our local Mexican place – and dug into dinner around 7 after taking a scenic drive around some back roads.

IMG_9194 I got some tacos with this super spicy sauce and homemade corn tortillas, aka the best vehicle for tacos ;) Can’t beat corn tortillas.

We’re all sad that Maggie isn’t here tonight, but it’s giving us some extra special cuddle time with Roxy.


All I know is breakfast tomorrow will be awesome!

See, Nick’s Dad is Bob of Bob’s Breakfast fame, and his other nickname is “Biscuit Bob”. I can’t wait to see what we come up with :)


  1. I wish I could get my hands on some pecan meal!

  2. It drives me nuts that so many restaurants are closed on Mondays. Monday’s the one night I seriously don’t want to cook! It’s right in the middle of 3 10-hour days at the bakery!

  3. The restaurant I want to go to tomorrow night isn’t open monday or tuesday. How do they make money?!

  4. That is such a random time to be closed. I guess they figure after eating out all weekend people stay in on Mondays.

    Enjoy your Roxy time and be ready to snuggle Maggie tomorrow with her cone of shame. :)

  5. I have found a bunch of places are closed Monday- very annoying! Your strawberries look so colorful, I want some now :)

  6. Oh wow- with a name like Biscuit Bob, I can’t wait to see what’s for breakfast!!

  7. oh wow 3 not open!!! hmm thats weird on a monday.. most are open here. oh well sometimes ur lucky.. then sometimes not so much. mm mexican food always works tho!

  8. Yup, a lot of restaurants are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Hair salons, too, weirdly enough.

  9. love the idea of adding nut meals to yogurt! glad you managed to find some good eats :) i suppose everyone needs a day off!

  10. Those strawberries are so red – they look delicious!
    I’m glad your dinner turned out tasty, even though not as planned. :)

  11. Ah mexican! Who doesn’t love mexican food? It is a great stand-by to have. I’m looking forward to your breakfast post- I love a good breakfast!

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