I already know I’m going to be one of those moms that cries on the first day of school.

I was so sad dropping Maggie off at the vet’s office this morning, and she could have cared less! She was so excited to see other dogs that she wasn’t scared or upset in the least bit. I guess that’s a good thing, but I felt sad having to drop her off :( It’ll be hard to not see her when we get home today!

Oh well – I’m just hoping everything goes okay!

Breakfast today was pretty rushed since we had to take her to the office before work, but it was still good.


I made a bowl of PB & Crofter’s Jam oatbran – can’t go wrong there.


And ever since I’ve gotten to work today, the only sound I’ve heard is the “clickety click” of my fingers on my keyboard. It’s been busy, that’s for sure. I had a ton of emails to get through and have a full afternoon ahead!

But first – some fun clickety-clicks :)



Well, they’re running a special for one week starting today – Golden Moon Teas 2.5 oz tins are 25% off when you buy 2 or more tins and use the coupon code "GOLDTEA". Nick and I tried the Tippy Earl Grey last week and LOVED it, and the chai is pretty amazing, too. I can’t wait to try the other flavors!


That’s all I’ve got, but today’s going pretty well for a Monday ;)


What are you going to do to make Monday a good day?

I’m trying to keep a positive attitude, I had a great lunch of leftovers, and I’m doing work and kickin’ butt :)


  1. We are so sad when Peanut and Leo are boarded for the night when we have to go out of town for meetings and so excited when they come home. We even miss them when they go to the groomers. SO I know I’ll cry when my child goes to school.

    To make today good I’m going to make it a day of errands. I already went to PT and got some work done at home and now I’m off to the bank and stuff and then lounging at Barnes and Noble for a bit to find some fun weight lifting and cook books.

  2. awe thats so beautiful! yea i think i will cry too for sure. the vet is scary either way tho. hmm i think im gonna get some fresh air, that’ll make monday nice! maybe walk down to the ocean, we’ll see. xoxo <3

  3. Aww hope Maggie is OK! When we used to drop my dog off at the vet I felt so lost without her at home…like a huge part of me was misssing! :( But she’ll be back!

  4. Monday is off to a pretty good starts as I got a lot of stuff down around the house. Love those days!

    Hope everything goes okay with Maggie at the vet! I remember the first time we had to leave one of our pups overnight, and it was so quiet and lonely in our house that night. However, stay positive – she’ll be home before you know it!

    Loved your bowl. Such fun and bright polka dots. I would smile every time I ate from it.

    Thanks for the congrats Brandi and have a good week!

  5. I kick off my half marathon training today! For the next week or two it’s really not much more than I usually run, but hey- it’s official! :)

  6. Aww that is so cute about Maggie and the veg…I am a sap too sometimes. So funny, I also am starting a half marathon plan today too!

  7. Yep, you’ll most likely cry when you drop your first kid off at school! All I know is Hannah cried as much as me – and it broke my heart to be at work thinking she was so sad.

    After the second week of kindergarten though, a note from her teacher came home – it said “Hannah stops crying by the time she hangs up her coat!” :D

    I am going to make grilled chicken parmesan for dinner – in my head it turns out great – we’ll see!

  8. your oatbran looks yummy, does it tast alot different than oatmeal?

    • it doesn’t taste very different, but the texture isn’t the same. That was the hardest thing to get used to at first.

  9. That Crofters on your oatbran looks just plain heavenly. Crofters has got to be one of my favorites, and I’ve only tried one!
    So excited healthy yum is back up – and funny ou should mention it too, as I just found out last night by paying a random visit. Was quite surprised :)
    Hope all went well with Maggie today – she’ll probably be one tired puppy tonight!

  10. I remember how hard it was to drop Sammy off at the vet all day. Don’t worry, Maggie is in good hands and will be back to you before you know it! ;)

    Today is a great day!!! Just keep telling yourself that and it is sure to turn out for the best.

  11. thanks for joining the positivity challenge – i firmly believe with positivity, we can take over the world! let’s do it :)

  12. My Monday was pretty good! We got back from our weekend travels much earlier than I anticipated, so I was able to get in a good workout and do all the grocery shopping I needed to do. I was not expecting that all. bonus! Hope your Monday turned out well too!

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