Not My Day

Do you ever have those days where the entire universe seems to be working against you? Where almost everything that could go wrong does?

That just about sums up my day.

Where do I even start?

Let’s see…

Although I took a shower this morning, it seems I got my hair wet but never grabbed the shampoo. I was totally confused why my hair looked gross today, but it was too late to wash it (for real) so I just had to pin my bangs back and head to work.

Work was lonely and slow going.

I spilled water all over myself.

Sadly, I’m no longer working with BMO. Long story short, they really need someone full time and I’m not in the position to leave my current full time job to to work with them because that would mean losing our benefits. I’m extremely upset about it, but it’s out of my hands.

My right eye is red and irritated and has been tearing up all day.

Seriously – really? All in one day?

Are you there God? It’s me, Brandi.

Thankfully, work is over.

It’s Friday night.

I have my husband, my puppy, and my cat at home with me.

I’m sitting in my pajamas with CLEAN hair.

We took a walk with Maggie and had a great dinner.


I baked some salmon the other night, so we put the leftovers to good use.


We each had a big salad for dinner to use up the salmon and some veggies hanging out in the fridge.

  • romaine and spinach
  • carrots
  • radishes
  • red onion
  • black olive
  • salmon
  • feta
  • homemade dressing of olive oil, red wine vinegar, dijon, salt, pepper, garlic, and Italian seasoning


Now we’re settled in on the couch, about to watch our new Netflix movie – one I’ve been waiting for see for months.


I’ve heard SUCH good things about this movie. I love football, love true stories, love Sandra Bullock, LOVE that there are real college football coaches in the movie.

So, with that, I’m signing off for the night.

At least we have a fun day planned for tomorrow!



  1. I’m sorry you feel like this just isn’t your day! It’s so hard to stay optimistic when those types of days come around, but it sounds like you’re doing an amazing job of keeping your chin up. Breathe deep, take stock of the situation, and know that tomorrow WILL be a better day! :) Sending you great vibes.

  2. Aw, I’m having one of those days too. However, I am positive that “The Blind Side” will cheer you up!

  3. I’m sorry you had a bad day!! I’m sure cuddling on the couch and watching Blind Side will make it slightly better :)

  4. I hope the weekend turns things around! Things can get better!
    I still have to see that movie too. I wish I saw it before all the Sandra Bullock drama, because now I wouldn’t be able to think of anything else

  5. Sorry about the crappy day, hope you have a great night and the movie cheers you up a bit :-)

  6. Sorry about the rough day, Brandi :\ I know I’ve certainly been there! Isn’t it great how it seems like everything is miles better at home, though? Especially since the weekend is here now. Hope you have a blast with your “fun plans” for tomorrow – can’t wait to see what they entail!!

  7. So sorry about the rough day.

    You’ll cry at the movie but in a good way.

    Hope tomorrow is better.

  8. Aw don’t let it get to you. You never know… maybe something even better is coming your way!

  9. I’m sorry about not working with BMO anymore.. I know that was something you were very excited about. On a positive note, I know that you will absolutely love The Blinside!!! Al and I loved it!! Miss you and love ya bunches!!

  10. I’m OBSESSED with The Blind Side!! Such a great movie! That salad looks so refreshing :).

  11. I’m sorry you had a bad day!! The Blind Side was a great story so I hope it lifts your spirits.

  12. so sorry it wasn’t your day! hopefully things will start looking up for you. I love that movie, i just watched it and cant stop thinking about it!

  13. Sorry to hear about your bad day and BMO but I’m sure you’ll have more opportunities because you are such an awesome well rounded person. I loved The Blind Side. I only wish there was more football in it!

  14. Tomorrow is another day and it will be great, cause it’s SATURDAY! Your husband loves you and your cat + puppy love you and we love you :)

    Your salad looks great too.

  15. Sorry your day didn’t start out too great – if it makes you feel better, mine began with an oat explosion in the microwave at work. I was particularly bummed because I was extra hungry and really excited about today’s concoction: oats with homemade almond butter, strawberries, and cake batter flavored protein powder! I made a mess and only got to eat about 2/3 of it :(

  16. I really do mean this- I think there was just a wave of crappy days that came down HARD on the blogger world… I have yet to hear someone say they had a fantastic week! What gives???

    I hope your weekend goes well! Enjoy the movie!

  17. im so sorry about your poopy day! hope your weekend is better!!

  18. Sorry to hear about your day… It never rains but it pours, right?

    I hope you like the movie, I loved it.

  19. I’m sorry sweetie, days like that are the worst! Hopefully tomorrow will be extra super great to make up for it!

  20. Ohh no, I’m sorry to hear about BMO :? Things will turn around & I hope you have a good weekend!

    p.s. when I return in the fall….we have to meet up! It would be crazy not to :)

  21. So sorry to hear about your bad day Brandi and the BMO news. That’s no fun! I’m sure things will turn around though. Keep your chin up and celebrate because it’s the weekend!!

    I’m interested to know what you think of Blindside. I’ve been wanting to see it as well.

  22. That sucks about the crappy day and the news about BMO. I’ll be thinking positive thoughts for you.

    You will love the Blindside. I loved it!

  23. brandi love…i just caught up on five posts, so here i go:

    first things first, i am so sorry to hear about blue mountain. that totally sucks, but i am also a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. as tough as it is to see, this happened because something brighter and bigger is in your future. i just know it.

    i hope you had a lovely friday night – the best thing to do after one of those days (and weeks) is to just chill with the people who matter most. relax, have fun and ENJOY your weekend!

    p.s. you have inspired me to try wheatberries.

    p.p.s. we are so alike it is scary. i ALWAYS tell people i am so good at remembering things that don’t matter at all. i don’t know what the stock market does but i can tell you that london was founded in A.D. 43 as Londinium. FYI.

  24. Ah Brandi, I’m sorry you had such a crappy day. Three cheers for the weekend though–I hope you are having wonderful day with great weather.

  25. Sorry about the rough day. How did you like the movie? I haven’t seen it yet, but it does look great!

  26. So sorry girl :( I had a morning like that yesterday. They SUCK. But then they are over before you know it!

  27. a movie should help a lot with feeling crappy.. sorry it started off in the dumps. it’ll turn around- i know u already know that. screw shitty days! hate em so much too!

    xoxo <3

  28. Sorry you had such a crappy day! Hopefully the hubs and your pets put you in a good mood!

    We loved that movie – we saw it in the theater :D

  29. Aw, that sucks. I know days like that. I just had one this Monday. Today wasn’t a pretty day either. But…that just means tomorrow is better, right? Sleep tight, and tomorrow, wake up with a smile! :D

  30. I am so sorry you had a bad day. I’m sure that you felt a bit better after The Blind Side, what an amazing movie! Hope things are looking brighter!

  31. I hope your weekend got better from there! Thinking of you :)

  32. hope you had a turn for the better! I think those days always involve about 10080 spills for me. Basically I’m like a bull in a china shop sometimes

  33. I know this is way late, but I certainly hope your day picked up and your weekend was much better.

    The Blind Side is one of my favorite movies for all the same reasons you listed! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :)

  34. UGH Brandi, sorry about your bum day. And SO sorry about Blue Mountain… I know how excited you were about that :-(

    I had one of those days on Thursday, which started with oversleeping and having to take a $20 cab ride to make it to work on time, and ended with really horrible news.

    Today is a new week!

  35. I am sorry I never had a chance to read this till now but I hope things turned better! I am sure they did when you fit in some good hubs time and hopefully a wonderful weekend!

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