Let’s Talk Butter

I may have a problem.



I swear I have all of these for a reason! And this is actually a rare time that I don’t also have some Kerrygold butter in my fridge, so there would typically be more one more stick of butter in that picture.

So, what all do I have here?



Regular, unsalted butter. Necessary for  traditional baking. You always want unsalted butter so you can control the salt in your recipes.


This is my newest butter – Old Fashioned butter – made by the Homestead Creamery, the same Virginia dairy that our milk is from (link to yogurt post). It also may be my new favorite.


85% butter fat? Yes, please. If I want real butter, than I want real butter. The only ingredients here are cream and salt. Couldn’t be any simpler, huh?


Honey Butter. Until I found this at the Amish Market near Nick’s parents, I never had this in the fridge, but it’s delicious!


You could easily make your own and store it in the fridge, too, since it really is just honey + butter. The great thing about having this on hand is that it’s easy to spread right out of the fridge and is amazing on homemade bread, toast, and biscuits.


This Spreadable Butter with Olive Oil is one we almost always have in the fridge, too. I don’t leave butter out in our butter dish all the time, and since this is spreadable from the fridge, it’s nice to have to use on fresh bread or rolls with dinner.


And while it’s not pure butter, the ingredients aren’t too shabby.


I finally bought my first-ever tub of Earth Balance a few weeks ago and decided to go with the soy-free version. I’ve tried it on toast and used it in the vegan coffee cake I made a few weeks ago. I am glad I purchased this and have been able to use it for baking – it’s nice to know that there’s a vegan AND soy free butter alternative, especially for use in baked goods.


This one obviously has the longest list of ingredients, but I expected a few more since it’s not real butter.



Do I truly need 5+ types of “butter” in my fridge at all times? Maybe not…but we do use them! And I like having options.


What about you? Do you have a similar impressive collection?  What do you have to use on breads, toast, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, or when you bake?

Maybe I should show all the nut butters I have…that post would be much longer.


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  1. I have unsalted butter to bake/cook and half salt butter to put on breads, etc. :) And that’s pretty much it!

  2. That is quite the impressive collection you have there. I only have earth balance since I don’t eat dairy.

  3. Well…I don’t have a butter collection but I DO have an impressive mustard collection. Love trying all kinds, spicier and granier the better! I almost took a picture too one day because it was cracking me up.

  4. I need to go to butter rehab, too. ;) I’m envying that old fashioned butter!

  5. My nut butter collection is much more extensive- because really all I have around the house is unsalted stick butter for when I bake… I honestly don’t use it much when cooking.

  6. I can’t judge. I have so many nut butters, it’s a little head spinning

  7. Ooo so many butters, so little time. I usually have unsalted, salted, and ICBITB spreads!

  8. Love this post!
    And I want to see your nut butters.

  9. I usually have Brummel and Brown yogurt spread for every day use and keep organic stick butter around for cooking and baking. As of last night, though, I’m out of both.

  10. WOW! That really is impressive!!
    Would you believe me, when I say that I have ZERO
    butters in my fridge?! I’m so not a butter person!
    Nutbutter – YES please!! ;D I usually bake vegan stuff!
    And if I plan on baking something with butter, I go and buy it for the occation! Oh but yes, I acutally DO have some at my freezer!! Just in case I want to bake something! ;)
    PS: I finally did a post!! Can’t believe it has been so long!

  11. I just have two types: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Light for spreading (yes, it’s super-processed…I just can’t help myself!) and Bonnie Bell for baking cookies. But I rarely use the Bonnie Bell, because canola oil makes a great substitute for almost any recipe that doesn’t /need/ the taste of butter.

  12. Loved this! I just blogged the other day about how I have 6 open jars of fruit spreads in my fridge. And what I didn’t mention in my post is that I have 4 more unopened jars in my cabinet!

  13. haha I’ve never heard of a butter addiction! (Nut butter, yes. But not regular butter ;) )

    I would have loved to do breakfast on Saturday if I didn’t have a final! (I’ve never had a final on the weekend…but hey, the sooner the better). We need to get together soon though!

    • Dang finals :)

      I’m sure I should know this, but I’m going to ask anyways. Do you LIVE here or are you just here for school? I guess picking a time/date to meet up will depend on if you’re leaving for the summer and I just want to make sure we can get together!

  14. Just recently I’ve incorporated a little buttaaaah back in to my life. It’s amazing! A nice slab of whole grain toast with some melted earth balance – to.die.for.

    honey butter? me want!

  15. haha, i didn’t think i had a butter problem, but now that i think about it… i ahve quite a few options as well :) i just bought some kerrygold though, and am trying to break from my “butter is bad for you aversion” and just enjoy the real stuff! and honey butter? yum…

  16. I just have some unsalted currently, but I do love butter!

  17. I don’t have that many types of butter but I do have that many kind of of grains. My pantry is full of tuperware labeled barley, oats, buckwheat, bulgur, ww couscous, brown rice. Almost anything but pasta.

  18. I’m with you, if I’m having butter then give me some flipping butter! I love butter! I really enjoy the spreadable with olive oil, we always have that on hand. I have regular sticks of unsalted to use for adding some richness to something I’m sauteeing or for seafood. Interestingly enough I don’t use butter at all for baking! I either use olive oil or sometimes coconut oil.

    The pasta and egg dish below looks amazing Brandi! It’s really creative and sort of a twist on carbonara (which you probably said and I totally missed! LOL).

  19. I have lots of nut butters, but just one normal butter which is your everyday butter.

  20. I grew up in a house where butter was definitely very important, and not a cheap version or knock off…I think they tended to buy plugra butter or kerrygold but I switched to earth balance a few years ago. I am bad…and don’t always buy the soy free…I like the whipped one a lot. I seriously think earth balance taste much much better than any margarine or reduced fat butter. Once I tried olivio and was not a fan. Butter with jam, yes please.

  21. I just bought that soy-free Earth Balance too! I used it for my vegan, soy-free banana bread at the weekend :)
    It’s also super spreadable and tasty. Score.

    We also have unsalted and salted butter in the fridge at all times, but I like having a non-dairy alternative too.

  22. I’m currently at three times of butter: Kerry Gold, Regular Unsalted butter, and the Land O’ Lakes Canola Oil Butter spread. This is horrible, but when I was a kid my grandmommy would let me eat a little butter at her house. I just loved it.

    • that’s not bad at all :)

      I seriously used to eat butter sandwiches. Really. 2 pieces of bread with just butter in the middle.

  23. i’m actually not into butter at all b/c i didn’t grow up with it (in a chinese household) but we do have a stick of the real thing here, just in case….

  24. My tea collection is intense. It take up its own cabinet!

  25. Oh girl, my fridge is VERY similar! I always have the unsalted Land O Lakes for baking, it’s the best I think. And some time of spreadable margarine/olive oil/butter mix. And Kerrygold butter. It’s THE BOMB. I had the real deal in Ireland and I have to say, it comes pretty darn close!

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