He Always Calls Back

Reason #1,000,001 I love my husband.

He always calls back.

It doesn’t matter if our phone conversation was over. If we lose our connection, he always calls back.

I’ve had a lot of people ask the “how did you and Nick become you and Nick” question, and I promise I’ll answer it someday! But I want to make sure I get it right. And I only have my side of the story. I want it to be a joint effort, mostly to make sure that I don’t miss anything.

See, I have a strange mind. I remember completely random facts that really don’t matter, and Nick remembers the important things. Like, I know that manatees can eat their body weight in sea grass each day, but Nick knows things that actually matter in our daily life. Thankfully, we balance each other out, but I really want to have a post about “us” that tells the real story.

Because I do love him. With all my heart. Probably more than I ever thought I could love someone. He is my best friend, my better half. I couldn’t imagine my life without him…and I have no clue how I got through life before I met him.

Enough sap? Okay.

Sorry for no food pics today! Nick had my little camera, so I was out of luck for lunch, and this morning was just crazy. I had some eggs, bacon, and fruit for breakfast (and coffee!) and sampled some of my newest wheatberry creation for lunch (recipe soon!).


Just having (and enjoying) a lazy night tonight. Walked with Maggie, had an easy dinner, and am indulging in a bit of ANTM, American Idol, and Top Chef Masters.

Sometimes, I just need a night to take it all in. To spend time with the things and people I love and remember all the reasons I love them.

But I have a fun breakfast planned already! And it probably includes the local strawberries I bought at lunch today…




  1. Oh my gosh this gave me chills! And I may or may not have teared up a bit. I think it’s so great that you recognize how lucky you are and appreciate your husband so much.

  2. Aw, this was a great post to read :) I agree with Megan – it’s great to read that you and Nick both realize how much you mean to each other and appreciate everything you do for each other.
    Glad you took a night to relax – you deserve it!
    p.s. I remember insignificant things, too :P

  3. Sometimes you need a little extra sap in your life ;)

  4. Awe :) So sweet!!

  5. Not returning phone calls is such a pet peeve of mine so when I read that Nick always calls back even when he probably didn’t have to, it warms my heart. Mostly because most men don’t always recognize how easily we women can read so much into not calling back so it shows how much he cares about what you think/feel. It’s just a very considerate thing to do.

    LOL I actually had this discussion earlier today with a guy that I’m talking with now. I call, he doesn’t answer or call back. Instead, he sends a text and explains why he didn’t answer. (sometimes I despise texting!) I appreciate that he responded in some way, but as I explained to him, it’s usually nice to hear the voice behind the words or hear the emotion behind the sentiment. I get that he’s not a phone person but there has to be some compromising, right?

    Aside from his phone phobia, this guy is pretty awesome though so I’ll give it more time. ;)

    So yeah, Nick gets two thumbs up from me for that one. :)

  6. This post made me cry. That is just the state of my being lately. Please let the sap flow! You don’t know how great it is for people to hear these words and know that their someone is out there.

  7. are you trying to make me jealous! lol no.. actually ur making me realize that there are really AMAZING guys out there.. and my prince will come.. he’s out there somewhere… <3 thank you!

  8. girl – this post is too cute :)

    and i actually went to liberty university for a year so i know right where you are!
    come to richmond! we’re doing a bit meetup on the 16th of may if you’re interested!

  9. What a great post. Thanks for sharing!! So glad you and Nick have each other.

  10. I’m a lurker – here and everywhere – but I just had to comment to tell you that your post really got to me. Just went through a breakup, not to keen on the male species right now, and so pleased to be reminded that there are some really good men out there. Hope I eventually find one as good as Nick. And I can’t not also acknowledge your side of it, because it takes two healthy and committed people to sustain a strong bond like you two seem to have.

    While I’m here…..gotta tell you I love reading your blog every day. :)


  11. Ok, that was too cute for words. I love sap.

  12. aww, i love your sap! it’s an amazing feeling to be so loved and respected. when you finally decide it’s time to have kids, they will be so lucky to have parents like you guys ;)

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