Keyboard Confessional

Our dining room table is used for everything but dining.


My dish drying rack is never empty.



Any confessions to make? Spill them here.


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  1. I use Tournai Sugar Free Syrup which is sweetened with…splenda…eek. But I still love it :)

  2. Haven’t exercised since last week! :p

  3. I am beyond a neat freak, but I never wash my bras for some reason….never!

  4. I never water the plants.

  5. I’m pretty sure our dish dryer sink is never empty, either!
    I use more utensils than is even close to necessary, and yet still double dip. (In my own jars, anyway – not the whole family’s foods, haha)

  6. I never move stuff when I dust
    One time I left a few small cracked shells in my cupcake batter

    Whew, I feel better!

  7. i’m addicted to cigarettes.

    i’m better before you know me.

    i’m a douche bag.

    i’m kinder to strangers than to those who care most about me.

    i have anger issues.

    i’m easily offended.

    i’m lonely.

    i envy the accomplishments of others.

    i miss my family.

  8. I never unpack from vacations; I just slowly wear all the clothes that were in my suitcase until it’s finally empty and then I finally put the suitcase away. Wow.. saying that out loud makes me sound INCREDIBLY lazy!

  9. I only do the dishes properly when we’ll have guests or I get really antsy waiting for a meal to bake. Otherwise, I just grab whatever dishes we need at the time, rinse them off, towel dry and use.

  10. I never, ever dust!

    I also am really bad about cleaning the last bit of crust from my pots and pans……

  11. Same. Andy and I eat on the couch most days. We have eaten at our tiny dining room table once or twice. I feel guilty about that!

    Dishes are always in the sink. I make Andy do them. I’m horrible.

  12. I never eat at the kitchen tabel-always eat in front of my computer.
    When I’m cleaning and de-cluttering I’ll throw things in the garage just to make the inside look good.
    MUST clean garage soooon!

  13. Hailey (adventures in health)
    I hide chocolate in the house and eat it when everyone is sleeping he he !!!!

  14. We almost always eat in front of the TV, especially in the winter. During the summer we often sit at our picnic table. I know it’s a bad habit, but we love to watch TV on DVD.

  15. I only clean the shower and sink when we have company coming over. Oh…and I definitely shove things in the bottom of my closet when I don’t know what to do with them anymore!

  16. I can’t sleep unless I know my inbox and reader are empty. I even check my blackberry right before I fall asleep. Drives me crazy!

  17. I bought Biscoff Cookie Spread as a gift for my husband and at this point I’ve eaten more of it than he has!

    Also, when I was a kid I kept my magazines for at least two years and had them organized by date and alphabetically!

  18. Oh I love those collapsable bowls. And drying racks are the bomb.

  19. I also hate unpacking…wait till I have worn everything and then just wash it after that. I don’t wash the coffee pot that often, maybe once a week…

  20. Our dining table is only clean when we have company.

    I only own 4 bras and a million sports bras.

  21. i always live out of my suitcase since i move so much.

    i never wash my fruit or vegetables.

    i always wipe the corners of my mouth with my sleeves (hahahaha…i sound like I’m 5!)

  22. OH thank god Im not the only one

    Never eat at my table as I blogged about last week :) I did finally clear it off , so it s free for more piles of crap.
    I dont have a dishwasher so my drying rack always has dishes in it.
    I also may or may not have a waterbottle graveyard in my bedroom

  23. Everyone has certain things–mine would probably be I have dishphobia. Dishes need to be done at all times! :-)

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