May Day

Does anyone know where April went? I can’t believe it’s already May. This year is just flying by and I don’t know how to slow it down.

I would say sorry for not blogging over the weekend, but I’m not :)  The weekend was full of family, friends, food, and a lot of fun, and I didn’t want to turn my computer on and miss anything.

We celebrated a birthday, a graduation, and the fact that we’ll have one more family member in a little over a month. I didn’t get to see my mom and Mammaw, but we did Skype with my Dad Saturday evening, so I almost got to see everyone!

I’ve got a bunch of pictures that should recap my weekend pretty well. Here’s what you missed Mom! :)

IMG_9132 (2)

French Toast made with homemade sourdough, Amish market bacon (the best!), fruit salad.

IMG_9141 (2) 


IMG_9149 (2)

IMG_9153 (2)





And check this out.

Maggie’s not allowed up on the couches/chairs because she sheds so much. But she weasled her way up into Nick’s lap while he was napping ;) It was so cute, I let her stay up there long enough to get a couple of pictures.


This weekend was packed full of good times and I’m glad I didn’t miss out on anything.

The bad thing? I’ve started to get a head cold and I’m not happy about it. My head has been super congested the past few days, so I bought some cold medicine last night and am crossing my fingers that it doesn’t get worse.

Breakfast + coffee time for us! Gotta get going – it’s going to be a busy Monday.


What did you do this weekend? Any fun plans for the month of May?

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  1. My parents’ dog also sneaks up on the couch like that – it is so cute. Hope you feel better!

  2. Sorry about the head cold, but it sounds like you had a lovely weekend.
    I am so excited for the month of May. I have a really important 10k race and then am going home to kick off an awesome summer. I don’t know what I will do all summer, but I am going to enjoy every minute of it!

  3. Ohh my goodness that french toast looks amazing! And Maggie is so so cute :)

  4. Hoooray for great weekends, I am glad you had a good one!

    I had a really busy weekend. Before I knew it, it was 8pm last night. Sigh.

  5. So glad you enjoyed your family weekend–what a treat! I had a very busy weekend, too, filled with a long run and bike ride, and a great blogger meet-up. Enjoy your week! :)

  6. Some of your photos still aren’t showing up for me :(
    Looks like you had a stellar weekend though!
    I had the best in a while actually! Yesterday was the may day parade here which is a HUGE deal in minneapolis so we spent a long time there. friday night was pizza, wine and friend-filled and saturday I went to see one of my fave bands with friends! Good times indeed!
    May = my first ever half marathon! EEK.

  7. Hope you feel better…colds are no fun! Aww maggie is so cute on Nick’s lap..I may have let my parents pup sit with me on a couch once but shhh…

    Sounds like a great weekend! I can’t believe it is May either, but I am happy to hear all the birds chirping.

  8. haha at Maggie sneaking up on the couch. She seems so loveable and sweet!

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I love jam packed weekends filled with family and friend time! :)

    Have a great Monday.

  10. omg i totally was writing a comment and my power went out! its so windy over here. now i cant remember what i wrote. it was good! oh and i was saying how much i loved that chili! i think thats chili right!? looks amazing!!

  11. I went to a women’s conference this weekend and enjoyed it :-)

    Our dogs made it known to us from day one that they are furniture dogs when they ran in the house and jumped on the chair. They are older so we didn’t try to change them.

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