In a Hurry

I can’t believe today is already half over – I still have so much to do!

The meeting went well this morning, and I just got home and made lunch after taking Maggie out for a potty break.

I loved my lunch so much on Monday, I had to have it again!


Plus, I had leftover beans, lettuce, and avocado that I wanted to eat before we head out for the weekend ;)

I had a big salad with romaine, corn, and avocado.

IMG_9063 (2)

Plus some oatbran topped with beans, corn, eggs, and salsa.

IMG_9065 (2)

These eggs are so good. I bought them from the market this weekend, and look how pretty they are!

IMG_9068 (2)

I love that they’re multicolored :)

Alright, it’s back to work for me and then packing before we hit the road.


Do you try to get things done before you leave town (laundry, cleaning, etc) or wait until you get back?

I always WANT to do this stuff before we leave, but I usually just don’t have time! We’ll see how much I get done after work.


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  1. I try to get as much done as possible but it really depends on when we are coming back. If we plan to be back early in the am on Sunday, I don’t worry about it as much as if we plan to be home late in the day Sunday.

  2. I always wait til I get back!! I figure I’ll have laundry to do when I get back anyway!

  3. I always do everything before I leave. Or try at least. So when I return I don’t have a huge to do list and can just put unpack and relax a bit before going back to my routine. :)

  4. I try to get as much done as possible so that I come home to a decent house. Definitely the trash, dishes, laundry and picking up the floor. All other is bonus.

  5. i always try to get things done beforehand if i can – nothing worse than coming home from a vacation and feeling stressed!

  6. We’re leaving the country in about 1.5 weeks, and I’m gogogo to get the fridge emptied and everything cleaned up and pretty for the cat-sitter :D When it’s just for a weekend or something, though, I pretty much leave the mess as-is. It’s a bummer to come home to dishes on Sunday night, but it’s also a bummer to do them on Friday before we leave…

  7. I’m definitely a before-person

  8. Those eggs are awesome! I like mine multi-coloured too! I am also into the look of your corn/egg/salsa bowl – yum! It’s making me crave eggs!

  9. oh i must get it all done before- no way could i come home to a mess… way too much stress… and i couldnt leave a mess either.. it would bug me all the way to my destination and back.

    love the eggs!!! so good. perfect meal.

    xoxo <3

  10. Oooh those eggs are lovely!! I’m the same way as you… I hate coming home to a messy place. But am usually too busy packing and getting ready to worry about it before I leave.

  11. I am a vegan except for eggs from my aunts farm in the summer (maybe other farms if I can find one!) and they look just like those! That sounds like the perfect lunch…love corn and avocado on salads…delish!

    I tend to try and get all my to-do’s before but it doesn’t always happen and I don’t stress over it…there is always time when you get back!

  12. Multicolored eggs are the hardest for me to pick out. I go through like the entire case looking for “just the right” dozen to buy. How do you know which ones are best?

  13. I think I’m the only one so far who is an “after” cleaner! I’m usually a quick pack/jump in the car kind of gal.

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