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I love these oatmeal pancakes.


They’re so filling but not heavy. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to make.


Today’s pancakes were the usual mix (oats, egg whites, pinch of salt, cinnamon, baking powder) and my toppings were:


Plus coffee, courtesy of Nick.


I’ve got a busy day ahead! It’s my “Friday” since I’m taking tomorrow off, which means I have a lot of non-work stuff to do PLUS put in my 8 hours. I actually have a meeting I have to go in for this morning and then I’ll be back working from home this afternoon.


*I had some questions about the hamburger bun recipe I used this weekend – I used this recipe as the inspiration and made a few changes (i.e., used all whole wheat flour, added in a little ground flax for fun, only 1 Tbsp of butter and 2 Tbsp of sugar).


And I totally forgot I signed up for this! Have more questions? Ask me here!


Thank you, thank you for all the emails about Behind the Blog. I’m SO excited to start posting about all of you :) I’m working on putting together questions, so if you’ve emailed me, I’ll be sending that out soon.

Get ready to spread the blogger love – it’s going to be awesome.


What’s the most ridiculous / embarrassing TV show you watch?

I’m such a sucker for some of the stupidest shows.

Top Model, for one. I even get sucked into their weekend long marathons sometimes, and I’ve usually already seen those episodes! Ridiculous, right?

I also still love these and will watch them anytime I catch them on the tube:

  • Wings
  • Full House
  • Boy Meets World
  • Saved by the Bell (was actually watching it this morning)
  • Perfect Strangers



  1. I never watched Wings, but I am with you on the last 4. I LOVE those shows. Still watch them all the time!!

  2. YUM! those pancakes look sooo good! Oh and I LOVE your “living simply” list!!

  3. Perfect strangers is the BEST!!

  4. Oooh I am definitely making this breakfats asap! Looks like it might be just what I need to get out of my overnight oats rut!
    p.s. your dog is adorable :)

  5. oh major throwback! I used to look forward to passing out to Nick at Nite every day! Remember Taxi and who’s the boss? I did the BIGGEST crush on Tony Danza. I loved Growing Pains too.. Michael Seaver? **Swooooooon**

    p.s. those oatmeals loook amaze! any chance you could hook a sister up with the recipe?!? I’d love you forevvver :) :) :)

  6. I love wings too! Definitely because I grew up spending our summers on Martha’s Vineyard where it “takes place.” With the others I am pretty cliche but love friends, felicity, and a few others. I was sucked into an 80s show called thirtysomething via netflix recently…my bf was worried. It was all about parenting, etc. ha. The bfast looks tasty as always …maybe I will tackle the yeast bread making this weekend, not sure why yeast scares me so!

  7. I used to watch Full House, Boy Meets Word, Saved by the Bell, Home Improvement… oh JTT, how I’ve him! Now-days my trashing TV show is Gossip Girl. So scandalous!

  8. that breakfast looks amazing, as always!

    I am hopelessly devoted to Millionaire Matchmaker. It is such smut but I love it.

  9. Holy crap I love Perfect Strangers. I’m also old enough to remember when it was actually on and not just in reruns on USA. :D I loved Wings too!

    Guilty Pleasure is Dancing With the Stars. I don’t even know who most of the “stars” are, I just like watching the pros do their thing.

  10. I think pancakes are on the menu for this weekend… love oatmeal pancakes!

    I’ve been sucked into The Hills. Judge me if you want. Because I hide my head in shame that I watch it when it’s on.

  11. Girl after my own heart. I love all of those shows too! Add to that What I Like About You.

    And, I got sucked into The Hills marathon this weekend. Don’t ask why. Until this weekend I had never watched more than 3 episodes ever. Must have been one of those weekends where I just needed a mindless distraction from life! :)

  12. yes on those pancakes. yes, yes, yes.

    and TOP MODEL. obsessed. i do love me some keeping up with the kardashians every once in awhile as well. going to go check out what this behind the blog is all about…

  13. YEY for perfect strangers. Cousin Larry and Balki = :D

    I watch a lot of embarrassing shows .
    Golden Girls
    Saved By the Bell
    Party of Five
    Just Shoot Me
    Night Court

  14. Those look so delicious. Two of my favorite foods in the entire world are pancakes (even in my blog name!) and oatmeal (every. single. day.) and yet I can´t seem to master the oatmeal pancakes. I gotta keep trying. :)

  15. Never be embarassed for Boy Meets World! Love it!
    I’m embarassed for anything and everything I’ve watched on Bravo. like Workout, what was that show?

  16. I love stupid TV. I find myself watching Sabrina, the Teenage Witch a lot!

  17. I love dark chocolate dreams pb on pancakes. It’s delicious with bananas too!

    I am obsessed with Saved by the Bell too. Zack Morris is still dreamy.

  18. I’m a reality TV junkie. Pretty much anything they put on I’ll watch and I have no idea why. Maybe it’s because I’m happy to know I’m not that messed up.

    And I love stuff on TV Land even though it makes me feel old that shows I watched as a kid are “old” enough for TV land.

  19. i just had a mini foodgasm in my mouth,, sorry lol. but thats what happens when u put such seductive chocolate pics on! oh i bet those oat pancakes were heaven!!!

    happy thursday love! xo <3

  20. Brandi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have missed coming to visit your bloggy!! Blah school work!!

    I always love your healthy, fresh eats……….AND how you always change it up! So much variety! me like! and color!!!

    those pancakes look amaze!! i havent tried the dark choc dreams, but i want to!!!

    hope your thursday is GRAND! GLUCK with the busy work!

  21. Balki!!! I totally forgot about that show, I used to love it!

  22. oh wow this looks AMAZING!!!!! prob the best blogger breakfast of the day ;)

  23. Mmmm, pancakes on “your Friday” sound like the perfect way to start off a weekend.

    Okay, I definitely still watch some of those shows. Some others I still enjoy any chance I get…..

    Family Matters
    The Cosby Show
    The Brady Bunch
    and 7th Heaven

  24. Oh my, I loved your blog before I read that you like Perfect Strangers. I pretty much love all sitcom reruns and I can’t even name 5 people who would know Balki and Larry!

  25. Ok, I am going to try those ‘cakes tomorrow for Lazy Sunday Breakfast. I think I’ll use nutella + bananas. Yum.

    I, too, love the Perfect Strangers. My brothers and I used to do their “happy dance” whenever good things happened, as kids. Haha.

    BUT have you seen the Kirstie Alley reality show? ( I wanted to hate it. I really did. But it’s packed full of lolz; it’s kind of scripted, which seems hokey, but the real employees of Kirstie are pretty cute about “acting” out the crazy ideas Kirstie gets all the time. Anyway, it’s awesome, and I hate reality shows.

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