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Last night turned into a family dinner-prepping lunch-watching Lost-no computer kind of night :) Nick’s parents were passing through so we ended up having dinner with them on their way – impromptu dinners are fun!

Because the original plan was to make dinner, I didn’t have my camera with me, but I had a great veggie quesadilla with guacamole and black beans on the side. And I changed into pajamas as soon as we got home so I wouldn’t smell like the restaurant all night.

Since we got home later than normal, we just babied Maggie all night until Lost came on ;) And – I’m not happy how the end of that show is looking right now – anyone else?

Today I’m spreading the blog love!

If you’re anything like me, you read a ridiculous amount of blogs. I’m kind of surprised that reading blogs isn’t my job because I spend so much time doing exactly that.

I love finding new blogs to read from people that have different viewpoints, talents, and interests – it gives me the opportunity it hear about topics I would never research on my own time and really see what other people are thinking about on a daily basis.

Some of my newest favorites that just got added to my Google Reader this week:

While food is the common denominator in most of the blogs I read, the main reason I read is because there’s something about the person that I admire.

Want to know what I love about some of my favorite bloggers?

Mama Pea’s humor – I seriously laugh out loud, at least once, in almost every post. And I just hope my future kids are as cute as Gigi and Lulu.

Rose’s passion for storytelling. This lady is an artist in the true sense of the word and I look forward to each and every post.

Katie’s crazy creations, daily use of chopsticks, and all around blogger-love.

Christie’s ability to find the right words, no matter the topic. She’s incredibly open and honest, and that’s something that I appreciate in this blogging world.

Polly. I know I’ve said this before, but her posts really are like rays of sunshine in my day.

Sophia’s writing, period. And her insane recipes that make me want to lick the screen.

Joe & Betsy’s ability to truly capture moments on film – their pictures are always beautiful and can tell a story all their own.

Allison’s sense of humor…and love for her dogs :) I don’t feel so bad about being crazy dog (and cat) lady now!

Quinn – it seems like she just has such a great balance in her life, doesn’t it? Work, social life, family, friends, hobbies – she’s busy, but you can tell she’s enjoying life ;)

Holly – everything! She’s funny, she’s real, and she’s not afraid to show it.

Angharad. Vanilla Baked French Toast – need I say more? I’m constantly drooling over her recipes.


I obviously read many more blogs than just those listed above, but I have quite a diverse group!

Maybe we all have some things in common, but I’m happy to have found people that share interests or ideas and have such different backgrounds and opinions and passions.

And I think we all need to be featured at some point – to share more about us, why we do what we do, and what we’re like behind the blog.

If YOU want to be featured on Behind the Blog, shoot me an email! I’ll send some questions you can answer and I’ll be posting them so everyone can “meet” you if they haven’t already :)


What about you?

What are your favorite blogs and why?

Why do you read blogs?

What keeps bringing you back?


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  1. Oh my gosh – was shocked to see me there! Thanks, Brandi – I really appreciate it! Can’t wait to get home from work to check out the others you’ve mentioned, too :)
    I also love finding new blogs. There are so many different perspectives and you really learn so much and find new discoveries through each and every one. I always find myself drawn back to the ones where the blogger shares a bit of their life, too – not JUST food, although yummy food always helps :) And love creativity! I tend to do weird things, so I love seeing one person’s crazy idea and then evolving it into another one.
    Have a great day! Glad you had a fun dinner night last night, too :) I agree – impromptu family get-togethers are the best.

  2. I love reading blogs b/c everyone has such a unique personality! It’s like a huge group of friends that bring something different and new to the table. I feel so much a part of a family. Sweet, supportive,and fun…

  3. I’m a sucker for pretty photos on a blog (a la healthyexposures)! I also think it has a lot to do with writing style; I love feeling like the blogger is just a friend telling me about his/her day!

  4. I like when I can relate to someone elses eating habits and food preferences, and of course the way that they write is important. A few of my favourites are:
    (and I am quite the fan of your’s as well, obviously!)
    There are several others, but you get the gist. All of these people are honest, sweet, and funny.

    Have a great day!

  5. I started reading (and my own) blogs to keep me busy at work. I love reading blogs! I can’t even count how many are in my reader – maybe 250-300?. I could never pick my favorites. But I read alot of different blogs – some about food, marriage, life, etc.

  6. Hey, thanks for the shout out! Yours is one of my personal faves :) And thanks for listing all the others, some of them are new to me!

  7. woo thanks for spreading the bloggie love! I just checked out some of those sites and they’re awesome! It’s incredible how many beautiful and talented bloggers there are out there :) Lots of love, girl!

  8. I love my blogging world! I used to stick to just recipe blogs like mine, but I’ve recently branched out to more “healthy living” blogs such as yours. It’s always great to get new ideas, and one thing I’ve really enjoyed reading about is how others are eating intuitively. This is something I strive for.

    Anyway, regarding Lost… grrr. I have to say, I feel like I’m watching it more out of obligation lately than anything out. I’m too invested to give it up now and I do really want to know how it ends, but honestly I find it almost painful to watch lately. My favorite episode this season has been the Richard one though.

  9. Brandi – you are just the most genuinely sweet and thoughtful person out there! Honestly – I’ve never meet someone as kind-hearted as you! It’s an absolute pleasure being able to say you are my friend – both in the blog world, AND in real life! :)

  10. I love reading blogs that make me laugh for no good reason- meaning someone who can find the humor in every day life. I also love reading blogs about people who are accomplishing things that make them proud- it encourages me & motivates me to do what makes me proud :)

  11. Thanks for your kind words, dear friend! And for some links to add to my google reader!

  12. Thanks for the list of new blogs to look at!

  13. I’ll have to check out those blogs you mentioned! I looooove Jessica’s blog!

  14. Brandi this is awesome and gave me some new blogs to check out :-)

  15. I just saw this and thank you so much for including me on this lovely post lady! I love the blogging community so much for so many reasons…

    Your blog is a definite favorite of mine for the tasty treats and candid discussion. AND MAGGIE!

    I talk about this in my about me discussion about why I blog, but I feel that it is the best way to create and outlet for discussion with others about passions that you might not share with other in your day to day life.

    what brings me back…the constant need to see changes in other bloggers lives (mama peas kiddie adventures, jenna-eat live run’s moves and new cities) because mine is so crazy and it is refreshing to know others is as well.

    thanks again!

  16. oops others*

  17. I want a job reading blogs too…well, not just any blogs but food and fitness blogs. You are the one that introduced me to this obsession. I met you on a WW board and started visiting your blog from there. Then I found others. . . M-F I always read :
    Peas and Thank You – love the humor
    BranAppetit – love the perspective, recipes
    the edible perspective – LOVE the photos
    Eat Live Run – LOVE the photos
    Healthy Tipping Point- she’s so inspirational
    Oh She Glows –
    HEAB –
    Live Strong and Sore – cuz I know her

    There are others that I check out from time to time but that list is just too long.

  18. I’m glad I’m not the only one poring over blogs to Steve-Urkel-nerdy obsession levels. As far as taste goes, I’ve learned that with food blogs I don’t like reading just recipe after recipe; it’s nice to peek into peoples’ lives a little too, isn’t it? I’m often amazed at what people eat, and at what they accomplish in a day. So that means I only read blogs with some personality and substance. Preferably sass, too. And no preaching or over-emphasizing the appearance. Just not what I’m into.

    But my all time favorite blog is The Pioneer Woman Cooks (http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/), which I’ve been reading longer than any other blog (3 years? 4?) because I think Ree is so sweet and funny. And humble. And the photos…and the ranch…and the interactive quizzes and contests…it’s just perfect. I can’t help loving it.

    Some of your links are new finds, so thanks! And my own blog is pretty new; I started it recently and it’s so fun even without lots of followers. :) (I’m at http://meltyrobot.wordpress.com).

  19. brandi – you are one of the sweetest people i “know.” i love YOUR blog because your sweetness, honesty and love all shine through in every post. LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of behind the blog – let me know if i can contribute!!!

  20. I love reading this! It is so inspiring to see that everyone has such different things to offer and that it isn´t about being the same or trying to blend in. It´s the differences that makes us all special. So cheesy but true. I am loving all these blogs… several of them I wasn´t following before! So thanks!

    I love the idea of behind the blog too, would love to be involved!

  21. Gosh, thank you! You’re very nice. I can’t wait to read some more posts from you!!

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