Coffee Cake and Tea

I know – coffee cake and tea?

Does that even make sense?

I just had to share this vegan coffee cake I made this weekend.


I used this Coffee Cake Recipe and whipped it up Saturday morning after a Nick requested it. We haven’t made coffee cake in years, so it was about time we had it again.


And since we were out of eggs early Saturday morning before I bought groceries, it worked out perfectly.



I’m loving all the vegan baked goods I’ve been making lately – everything has turned out great and it’s nice to know that I can still whip something up even if I’m out of eggs or milk or butter. Plus, clean up is a breeze! And you can eat the dough with no worries ;)


I think the only thing I would change about this recipe is adding a little sugar to the crumble topping – I wanted the topping to be a little crispier. Otherwise, it was great! Nick and I both enjoyed it.


As for the tea, I have a new favorite!

OpenSky hooked me up with Golden Moon Tea and sent me these samples from Golden Moon / TigerWing to try. I’m already obsessed, and I just got them yesterday!

They’re going in my store as soon as I can get them in there.


Just check out these flavors!




Last night, I had a cup of the Calmation TigerWing tea which is a mix green mate, chamomile, lavender, and all natural lavender vanilla cream flavorings. It was the perfect way to end my evening – I already love chamomile tea, but the addition of lavender was outstanding.

This morning, I’m sipping on a cup of the Coconut Kava Cream TigerWing tea. I mean, how could this be bad?


It’s got roasted mate, red roobios, kava root, and all natural coconut cream flavoring.


On top of having a ton of flavor choices, all their teas are organic and a portion of Golden Moon Tea’s net profits are contributed to The Lotus 88 Foundation for Women and Children. They also purchase their tea solely from farmers who engage in fair-trade practices.

But the most important (and exciting) thing that I noticed?


They’re in Virginia!!! I was so ecstatic when I saw that they’re a somewhat-local company. I may need to plan a trip to visit :)


I’ve got a hair appointment during my lunch break so I’ll see you for dinner! I’m using up the last of our sourdough in a recipe tonight – it should be good.


What’s your favorite drink to have with breakfast?


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  1. That cake looks yummy! :) I’ve never baked vegan goodies (I have eaten lots of vegan food though) but I’m definitely curious. Have to find a good recipe.
    My fav drink to have with breakfast… Either milk (alwas cold) or tea. I rarely drink coffee and I’m not a fan of juice, at all.

  2. Coffee cake is the best!

    I’m a huge green tea fan for the mornings… I hit coffee up later- but that’s when I get to work and drink the Dunkin Donuts in the break room! (a step up from my Folgers I have at home on standby)

  3. I’m a boring water girl. :) I don’t really like other things to drink. I don’t like ‘hot’ drinks very often. I know…odd.

  4. Yum, vegan coffee cakes sounds pretty darn tasty!

    I actually don’t usually drink with breakfast, or any meal most of the time. But, I do have a glass of green tea (cold) when I wake up in the morning to get me going.

  5. The coffee cake looks great – I read that and thought “oooh, coffee cake – haven’t had that in ages!” haha. So – thanks for the reminder!
    That coconut tea looks amazing. Love anything coconut. Green Mountain has a coconut coffee I love – I’m just waiting for the weather to get more spring like, as it feels so wrong to be sipping a coconut coffee when I look out my window and see rain and 35 degrees :\ So for now I’m sticking to Southern Pecan or Sugar Bush Maple :) (coffee freak)

  6. That tea sounds absolutely divine! I enjoy a hot cup of jasmine green tea with my breakfast but water at other meals.

  7. Um….diet coke ;)

  8. ah this reminds me of those little mini hostess coffee cakes. Remember those? Oh man, they rocked my world. I’m sure yours was just as good, if not better :)

    those tea flavors sound to.die.for. Chocomint? I beat that would make a MEAN bowl of tea infused oats. Perhaps topped with chocolate chips. Oh, now I’m craving a thin mint.

    Happy Tuesday, Brandi!

  9. You’ve had great luck with your vegan treats–I am thinking maybe I should try baking something vegan sometime just for the fun of it!

  10. Can’t WAIT to try that coffee cake recipe!
    With breakfast I usually just have water, but if I’m eating something indulgent (ex: coffee cake!) I must have soy milk. Iced coffee or tea always follows breakfast, I just can never have it with my food!

  11. When I have time, I drink English breakfast or Earl Grey tea…but I’m usually too busy in the morning to sit down and sip it. Scalding hot water isn’t something you can just chug down, you know?

  12. Mm coffee cake. It’s been way too long since I’ve had some of that. And on that same note, my breakfasts are pretty much always accompanied with a nice steamy cup of coffee. Though I’d put that habit on hold for a day or two if I had some of that amazing sounding coconut tea to drink with my breakfast!

  13. Do you know how I could make that coffee cake without the apple sauce (they don’t really do apple sauce here in Spain)? What could I substitute it with?

  14. I ALWAYS drink coffee with breakfast, but LOVE tea in the afternoons and evenings. You might even say I’m a little bit obsessed with it. I got my bf super into it too and there’s nothing we like better than enjoying a cup of tea together :) This stuff looks great!!

  15. enjoy your hair appointment! i am going to be needing that vegan coffee cake recipe, some of that tea and a direct flight from shanghai (i loved that they added that!). happy tuesday :)

  16. That cake looks awesome! I love vegan baked goods!

  17. I LOVE coffee cake and very rarely eat it WITH coffee! haha
    It looks delicious!

  18. I looove coffee cake. One of my favorites is Ina Garten’s. Yes, it has lots of butter but that’s what makes it good :) And the cinnamony, crumbly, sugary topping on top is definitely the best part.

  19. Breakfast is usually when I drink my one cup of coffee. Then the caffeine has time to go through my system. I drink tea the rest of the day when its cold.

  20. ooh can’t wait to see your hair when you’re done!

    I love coffee. Can not get enough. I need to start drinking more tea though. I love tea!

  21. That pear tea sounds amazing – and another thing you can add to your eating locally!! :D

  22. WOW thanks for the recipe link, that cake looks to die for!

  23. I haven’t had coffee cake in sooo long, looks yummy! I pretty much drink coffee every morning, especially @ work. Days I am home though, I tend to reach for green tea or one of my yogi teas. The coconut flavored ones sound great though!

  24. That’s a pretty cup!

    I usually end up having a diet coke with breakfast, but I have a fondness for Earl Gray tea in the winter.

  25. With breakfast, it’s almost always coffee, but occasionally I’ll make tea just to switch it up.
    I love flavored teas and all of those look so great – plus, the company location is sooo close to me – I may have to get some soon.

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