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Banana Splits make Mondays better.


And these strawberries were all perfectly ripe. I found the first of the season at the farmer’s market this weekend, and while they were a bit more expensive than those at the grocery store, each and every berry was red, ripe, and juicy.

I think that makes up for the price. I hate when you get berries from the store and all of them are white inside and flavorless.


Oatmeal, fresh fruit, and coffee from our syphon?


Monday may not be so bad.


What did YOU do this weekend? And what are your favorite berries?


  1. I loooove strawberries. I really like blueberries, too! Raspberries are ok, but I hate the seeds.

  2. GORGEOUS banana split – there is nothing like some fresh fruit, whole grains and COFFEE to start out the week :) looked eerily similar to my breakfast – happy monday!

  3. I had a great weekend, got to see family, friends, and volunteer at the animal shelter which I love! Your banana split looks like an awesome way to start the day!

  4. I got some phenom berries this weekend too, what a difference in taste from just a few weeks ago! So sweet and delicious :) I think strawberries are my fave berries to be honest, I adore them!

  5. ah the perfect juicy strawberry = *to live for!* Fresh produce is one of life’s simplest pleasures, no?

  6. Raspberries make the day better. I love to just eat them right off the bush. We did that as a kid all the time.

    Ripe berries are definitely worth the price. I hate when there are white and flavorless.

  7. Wild Maine blueberries are to die for!

  8. Fresh strawberries really are delicious!

    My fave berries are either raspberries or blackberries, but I like them all!

  9. I did nada, nadie, zip, zilch this weekend. Although the farmer’s market is in next weekend’s plans.

    Blackberries are my favorite.

  10. Yum, that breakfast looks great!

  11. I have GOT to try the banana split oats, yum!
    Oh fresh strawberries.. love love love them. Seriously, can’t get enough.

  12. I caught up with a lot of old friends! It was really nice.

    Fresh raspberries are my favorite!

  13. The banana split oats have to make a way into my life this week!

    I am so jealous you got some strawbs at the farmers market! My fave berries are wild blueberries and raspberries but I pretty much love them all!

  14. Strawberries are my fav, for sure :)

  15. Is that just regular cooked oatmeal over a banana? Looks fab!

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