Buckin’ Berry Burgers

Mm, mm. Dinner hot off the grill is hard to beat.


We were supposed to have burgers last night, but our busy day had us changing plans at the last minute.

The good thing is that I made the buns yesterday, so all we had to do for dinner tonight was cook the burgers and put the salad together.


I have to say… for my first ever batch of homemade buns, they were awesome!

And Nick’s burgers were delicious as always. I’m not sure what he does, but everything that comes off the grill is even better than the last meal.

The secret in this batch of burgers?


We got this sauce from my parents for Christmas and finally broke it out.


The ingredients were actually pretty good – and it was a great addition to the burgers. 


Time to cuddle the puppy and have a cup of tea!


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  1. You are rocking in the baking department :-) Homemade rolls sound great right now.

  2. You’re making me want to make my own burger buns. With burger season ahead, why not?!

  3. oh my god love that name ‘buckin berry’

    just found ur blog- ur SO pretty.

    love ur eats and pics. xoxoxo

    have a super day/week!! :) <3

  4. love dl jardine’s, they make a kick butt green olive & cilantro salsa that i am in love with! ill have to keep my eye out for this sauce now too :)

  5. ooh burgers with special sauce! fun.

  6. thats soo cool yall make ur own buns! YUJMMM! love me some red meat!

  7. The burgers look & sound great! Love special sauces! :) And I love that you baked your own buns!

  8. I love experimenting with different sauces in burgers and such–that berry sauce sounds like it would really be a great addition!!

  9. Yum. I have a recipe for burgers w/ cherries and this reminds me of that.

  10. Would you mind sharing the recipe for those buns? they look GOOD!

  11. I agree…share the bun recipe!

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