Football Fiend

Yup. The football obsession has started already.


Yesterday was such a busy day! We were out of the house almost all day long.

After I got back from the farmer’s market and grocery store, Nick and I heated up some leftover pizza before leaving for the Spring football game.

IMG_9055 (2)


And I ate this awesome (and locally made!) peanut butter brownie on the way to the stadium.

IMG_9061 (2)

Here’s one reason I love this area: Walking to the stadium takes us past the pastures where the Tech dairy cows hang out.


Not very often there are cows ON sections of campus. This cow was sassy, and I’m not sure she enjoyed getting her picture taken.

Let’s Go Hokies, Let’s Go!


I was on cloud nine watching the Spring game. I seriously cannot wait for the season to start. Summer needs to hurry up!



(Ryan Williams!)


(Coach Beamer!)

Maybe I do have a football problem? ;)

Thankfully, the rain held off until we got home from the game, which was nice. There were some menacing clouds passing by all afternoon, so I’m still surprised we didn’t feel at least a few raindrops.

Nick and I came home from the game and had just enough time to get dinner made and eaten before leaving the house for our small group.


Local steak!

I had Nick grill the sirloin I bought from Shadowcase Farm Friday night (marinated in a teriyaki sauce from TJ’s) – delicious! I’m pretty sure anything off the grill is good, though, so I may be a bit biased.

While he cooked the steak, I sliced some bread, got out our new LOCAL butter, and cooked up some peppers, onions, garlic, and broccoli.


I also added a few toasted almonds to the broccoli dish at the last minute, and it turned out great. I like the crunch that the almonds gave the veggies.


Today has been just as busy and just as fun as yesterday. We had an early morning and church, had some amazing french toast for lunch with some friends and their new baby (who is beautiful and fun), ran some errands, and are finally home trying to put things together before the weekend is over!

Sundays are so bittersweet for me. I try to soak in the weekend, but I always have so much to do.

Laundry is going, and I’ve got to get baking. There are hamburger buns and cookies that need to be made!


  1. Have you watched the tv show Friday Night Lights? If not, you should! :)
    I’ll admit, I don’t get american football, the rules, etc, (hey, I’m european, my football is very different! ahah) but it does seem fun.
    Glad you’re having a good weekend!

  2. Yay for football and I am with you, summer can not come soon enough!

    I love adding crunchy things to veggies. Nuts are always a great option. One of my favorite is peas and peanuts, its just so much fun to eat! :)

    Have a great evening girl.

  3. enjoy the rest of your weekend, my dear. Lets catch up via email this week!

  4. You know I feel your excitement about football! I had to miss our Spring game, but I’m still so excited that it’s almost time again!

  5. Aww, I’m so jealous that you went to the spring game. I’m going to try to come for at least one game this season! Though I get to visit Blacksburg in two weeks to help move my sister out. I have a date with More Than Coffee :)

    I wonder how the new parking garage in the Price’s Fork Lot is going to effect tailgating?!?

    • Ugh, I have no clue! I’m not looking forward to that parking garage going in, though.

      We LOVE More than Coffee :)

  6. glad mother nature didn’t rain on your parade! the game sounds like a blast. I love your passion for football – you are such a cute little fanatic :)

  7. That pb brownie looks absolutely sinful. I want one!!!

    i’ve been reading your blog for a while but must have missed your vtech love!

  9. Woohoo :D I ran by those cows yesterday!! haha it made me a little nervous, not gonna lie…

    p.s. I met Ryan Williams at a party once. Everyone was freaking out

  10. Cheers for the great content, have bookmarked your site and will be back!!

  11. I seriously can’t wait for the Farmer’s markets around here to open up!!

  12. you and your football ;)

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