Pizza’s Up

Man, I just can’t make myself sit down to blog on Friday nights sometimes!

We ended up finishing watching Angels & Demons last night, so I was sucked into the movie, the couch, and cuddling with Maggie ;) It was a great way to start the weekend!

Back to lunch, right?

IMG_9036 (2)

Told you I had hummus for lunch, too.

I spread some hummus on some of my homemade sourdough and added some red onion, carrots, and spinach –

IMG_9038 (2)

Red onions and hummus are so good together! Especially on homemade bread. And why does homemade bread keep me so full? It’s totally different than any store-bought bread, that’s for sure.

I also had more veggies (broccoli and celery) with some hummus, but I guess my camera ate the picture?

And an apple!

IMG_9039 (2)

Halfway through the afternoon at work, I broke into my Apple Pie Larabar.

IMG_9040 (2)

I love this flavor – the cinnamon really keeps it from tasting too sugary sweet.

On the way home, I decided to make homemade pizza for dinner and was super excited about it.

But…we got home and I discovered that we had NO cheese! I can’t make pizza without cheese.

So we ended up ordering some pizza from our local place, Mikie’s 7th, and it was delicious.

IMG_9043 (2)

Thankfully, I still had enough in the fridge to put together a salad to have with our pizza. I always do grocery shopping Saturday mornings, so if we have no leftovers, we’re usually scrambling to pull a meal together on Friday nights.

IMG_9045 (2)

I had 2 slices of “The Works” pizza last night – so good.

Mikie’s 7th is a little restaurant here, but it’s run by a family that also raises grass-fed  beef at Shadowcase Farm, just a few miles from us. We’ve had their ground beef and pork before (and it was awesome) so I also bought some steaks from them when I picked up the pizza last night. We can’t wait to try it!

After watching Food, Inc. the other night, Nick and I have started looking up other things to try to buy locally (coffee, flours/grains, etc) and we’ve actually found a few new places to check out. I’m excited to start supporting this area even more.

I’ve got a vegan coffee cake in the oven right now and am about to head out to the Farmer’s Market and grocery store.


But the BEST part about today?!? It’s Spring Football Game day!!! I’m really hoping the rain holds out so we can go watch. The football craziness is starting…


Enjoy your morning!



  1. It’s so great that you’re trying to buy even more things locally! I’m trying to do the same. :)

  2. That is great that you are looking to do things more locally. That is one of the biggest decisions we’ve made recently.

  3. I agree; local is awesome. ANd I am so impressed you make your own bread! I can imagine it puts grocery store brands to shame.

  4. That pizza looks fantastic, as does your homemade bread! What a treat!

  5. I’ve noticed that when I make homemade bread it definitely keeps me satiated longer than storebought!! Hmm..wonder why!?

  6. happy weekend brandi – a sourdough store opened up near me and i thought of you!

  7. Jealous of your farmers market trip – I have to wait 2 more months for ours!

    Hooray for pizza – even if its ordered in! :D

  8. Homemade EVERYTHING is usually better than store bought! Now I just need to actually try making my own bread… never attempted that yet! Though I’m totally craving a delivery pizza right about now. Once in a while a bought pizza definitely beats out the homemade.

  9. High five on the local decision! The hub and I made the same decision last year and it’s actually really fun! We make the effort to shop always at our local coop and buy local products; eating out that way is super fun too!

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